We are Readers

The 2015 honours charter

Honours intends to be a friendly and safe place of respectful creativity. We will encourage and challenge each other, valuing fun and empathy. Our work will be engaging and enlightening.

interdisciplinary, disruptive, transformative, laboratory, rigourous, liminal, useful, process, making, knowing, unconventional, inventive, swamp & kindergarten.

The ambition and vision here is really simple. We want the best students to come and do a year’s intensive work in our research laboratories. Because you are already excellent in the area of media and communications practice and/or scholarship. Because you understand that honours tests you. Because you realise that honours provides you with the opportunity to be, and make, a difference that matters.

This is an honours program for now, and not for what scholarship, knowledge and media looked like last century. It is experimental, creative, and academic. It is about making with words and ideas, with ideas and artefacts. What doesn’t work is changed. It is amongst the best honours programs of its kind in Australia.