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Downturn hits pensions savings

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jun - 30 - 2016

It has been suggested following recent research that the economic downturn and financial meltdown that has been seen over the past couple of years has had a serious negative impact on pensions savings amongst consumers in the UK. Many have found themselves struggling to make ends meet financially, and this means that they have had to make other financial sacrifices, which for some has meant their pensions provisions.

Scottish Widows, the pensions and life insurance provider, carried out the research and according to the results of the study there has been a fall of around 6 percent in pensions savings over the past year, with the total now falling to 48 percent. This is said to be the lowest it has been since 2006.

The study showed that 41 percent of people said that the reason that they had been saving less – or saving nothing in some cases – was due to the economic downturn. Wom

Financial Lessons from Comic Book Heroes (Infographic)

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jun - 29 - 2016

We all loved comic books as a kid and still get excited when we see them hit the silver screen, but the only lessons most people draw are not applicable to daily life unless you have a Spandex jumpsuit in your closet.

But there are a few more lessons from Batman, Spiderman and even the “newer” heroes like Kickass. Lessons that you might be able to apply to our bank account and make a difference in your wallet.

Here are some of our favorite comic book characters and what they taught us about personal finance.

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1.53% APY Incredible Bank Offers Best Interest Rates Through Their Checking Accounts

Posted by Jorja Marion On Jun - 29 - 2016

River Valley Bank’s Internet arm, Incredible Bank, offers a purely online banking experience for customers to save and keep their money safe. They offer one of the best checking accounts which promise high-yields for their patrons. Wary depositors need not be alarmed as this service does not come with a catch. No debit card minimum usage per month or monthly deposit averages. Customers can get the yield levels of best savings accounts in the market. Any use of the checking account from Incredible Bank is considered a paperless transaction and can be accessed online only. Bills can either be debited from a debit card or paid for online through the account. A