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Lending Club $25 Bonus

Posted by Jorja Marion On Oct - 26 - 2016

Lending Club is still offering their $25 bonus to new lenders. You can use this bonus to make your first loan. Just go through the link or ad below and sign up. After that verify your bank account and deposit $1 or more to receive your bonus.

Lending Club

Why Would Anyone Choose to Rely on Welfare?

Posted by Jesse Shand On Oct - 26 - 2016

Anyone who has never received public assistance may wonder why someone would want to sacrifice “good living” to live on welfare. However, some who have received contributions from the government for many years could argue what they have is good living.

Whether they’re getting free health insurance, financial assistance or housing, many people who receive public assistance have fewer worries than those who work. This is why when you look at the pros and cons of remaining on welfare, the reasons some choose to stay begin to make sense.

The Reasons People Request Public Assistance

There is a huge stigma attached to the welfare system and those who receive assistance through it.

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Interest rate rise prospect on inflation outlook

Posted by Jorja Marion On Oct - 25 - 2016

According to a Citi and YouGov public poll, expectations for inflation over the coming year currently stand at 3pc, compared with 2.9pc in September.

“Inflation expectations for the year ahead have not been higher since September 2008,” Citi economist Michael Saunders said. Inflation was then running at 5.2pc – a 16-year high – compared with 3.1pc currently.

Policymakers are concerned that rising inflation expectations could become self-fulfilling by working through to prices and wage settlements. Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, has previously warned: “If that were to occur, it would be costly to bring inflation down.”

Interest rates would have to rise, potentially crippling the recovery which is reliant on a loose monetary policy offsetting the spending cuts and tax rises. Mos

Mortgage rates moved a little lower

Posted by Levi Dynon On Oct - 24 - 2016


Perhaps the midterm elections will provide a little shakeup to the economy. As economic conditions remain mostly flat, so do mortgage rates. According to the latest edition of’s Market Trends Newsletter:

Mortgage rates are mostly as flat as the economy, and there doesn’t seem to be any strong reason form them to budge much one way other the other, at least not until we get past the forthcoming mid-term elections.

HSH’s overall mortgage tracker — our weekly Fixed-Rate Mortgage Indicator (FRMI) — found that the average rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages declined by four basis points (.04%), ending’s national survey at 4.58%. Important fo

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Max Out Your Credit Card

Posted by Jorja Marion On Oct - 21 - 2016

Credit cards are an inevitable part of life no matter how much you try to shake them off. It can be a savior or a demolisher depending on the way it is used. Most individuals discourage the use of credit cards due the fear of getting into debts. However credit cards are just the instruments, not the reason behind a debt crisis. The improper utilization of credit card is the key factor leading to your financial crisis. The end result of which can be either to opt for debt settlement or bankruptcy. The important fact that is often missed out is that the card has a limit. You get into problems of debts and penalties only when you max out your credit card.

Using your credit card to the optimum level can get you into severe debt crisis. The article deals with the top 5 reasons why you should not max out on your credit cards.