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Housing: Two steps forward, two steps back

Posted by Levi Dynon On Nov - 29 - 2016


While recent reports seem to indicate that our overall economy is growing at a decent pace (all things considered), one facet remains mired in seemingly-repetitive inconsistency: housing.

I know, no real surprise there. But it’s not as though housing indicators haven’t seen positive growth since the bubble burst — they have. It’s just that the periods of positive growth seem to always be canceled out by new negative reports.

The country’s GDP certainly isn’t growing by leaps and bounds, but it has shown some consistent signs of firming and even gradual improvement. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for housing.

For example, according to Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, existing home prices posted a 0.7 percent decline in September from the month prior, and a 0.6 percent decline from last year at that same time. Les Christie of

Host Gator Cyber Monday 50% Off Web Hosting

Posted by Jorja Marion On Nov - 27 - 2016

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Don’t Squander Your Severance Pay

Posted by Jesse Shand On Nov - 26 - 2016

Losing a job can be one of the biggest financial crises anyone faces during their lifetime. One day, you’re financially stable and the next you’re unsure you can make next month’s mortgage payment. Getting through an extended period of unemployment can be really difficult if you’re not prepared, so when your employer at the very least offers you aseverancepackage, you need to know how to make the most of it.

What Is Severance Pay?

When an employee loses a job, usually for a reason out of their control like downsizing, their employer may offer them money or other financial assistance to help them survive until they find a new job.

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Northwest Savings Bank Referral Program $50 Bonus, Free iTunes Gift Card, Plus $100 Bonus for New Customers

Posted by Jesse Shand On Nov - 26 - 2016

The Northwest Savings Bank referral program offers a $50 bonus for each new customer you refer, a free Apple iTunes Gift Card just for inviting 5 or more friends, and the chance to win 1 of 25 iPod nanos.
Plus, you can get a $100 bonus if you are not already a Northwest Savings Bank customer, and all of your referrals will also earn a $100 bonus when they open their new account.
Northwest Savings Bank has branches in Maryland and Pennsylvania, so open a Northwest Savings Bank checking account today to participate in the Northwest Savings Bank referral program.
If you are a current Northwest Savings Bank customer, please feel free to leave your contact information in the comments section below, so that potential new customers may contact you for a referral.
New customers can earn a $100 banking bonus either way, but you might as well open a new account through a referral, so that current customers can benefit as well, and that way, we all win.
Check out more details on this Northwest Savings Bank Referral Program to earn a $50 bonus for each new checking account customer you refer, plus get a free iTunes $10 gift card just for inviting 5 friends.
Northwest Savings Bank Referral Program Details
To receive $100, the referee or new customer must open a Switch Rewards, Switch Free, or Switch Interest Checking Account with a $100 minimum opening deposit and initiate a qualifying monthly direct deposit of $100 or more.
A $100 credit will be posted to the account within 7 days of the first verified direct deposit.
Existing Northwest personal checking account customers, employees, and affiliates are not eligible for the $100 offer.
To receive $50, referring customers must have a Northwest personal checking account and be named on the referral form presented at the time of the new customer account opening.
Referral awards will be made by check to existing Northwest personal checking customers only within 30 days after the new customer has opened a qualifying account.
There is no limit to the number of referral awards a Northwest personal checking customer can receive.
Northwest employees and affiliates are not eligible for the $50 offer.
Northwest Savings Bank may disqualify referrals in circumstances where they reasonably believe that they were not submitted in good faith.
Offer may be extended, modified, or discontinued at any time.
You’ll also get a free $10 Apple iTunes Gift Card just for inviting 5 or more friends.
There is a limit of 1 gift card per person while supplies last.
Review our Banking Bonus Directory for the latest cash bank rewards.
Please leave your contact information in the comments section below to participate in the Northwest Savings Bank referral program.

Refinancing: It’s all gravy once you break even

Posted by Levi Dynon On Nov - 23 - 2016


Mortgage rates have come down so precipitously that even homeowners who purchased or refinanced their properties fairly recently may be able to save even more by refinancing again.

These days, you’re probably thinking about pumpkin pie, not points, and cranberry sauce, not credit. But one thing you should be thinking about — a lot — is gravy. No, not the sauce, but the money you might free up by refinancing your mortgage. Here’s how you can calculate your potential savings.

Mortgage refinancing: making tradeoffs

Refinancing isn’t free; you have to pay for it somehow. The financing costs associated with your refinance do offset some of the money you can save on your new home loan. The primar