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Ebillme 2X Tuesday is Back Again

Posted by Jorja Marion On Mar - 31 - 2017

Earn double the advertised Cash Back when you checkout with eBillme and pay using your bank’s online bill pay. Offer valid at participating eBillme merchants and the eBillme Gift Card Mall, on orders made Tuesday March 29th 2011, 12:00AM EST to Wednesday March 30th, 2011, 3:00AM EST. Restrictions apply. Offer applies to Gift Cards: 10 % Cash Back, which doubles to 20% Cash Back Rewards – to a max of $10 per order. is 5%, which doubled to 10% – to a max of $10 per order. You may earn up to maximum of $10 cash back, per order, on gift card orders; $20 on orders at eBillme merchants. You may earn up to maximum of $200 every 12 months. Visit the for more information or to buy gift cards.

4 Steps that help you purge yourself of credit card debts

Posted by admin On Mar - 29 - 2017

If you are stuck with a lot of credit card debts and all you wish to do is to reduce credit card debt, then you must consider various options in order to do so. There are many traditional debt solutions with the help of them you will be able to pay off your debts. However, before you opt for any debt solutions you may consider a few simple tips that will greatly help when it comes to the reduction of debts and will help you to even stay out of debts.

1. Sticking to your commitment: You should be very determined about getting rid of your credit card debts. In order to do this you should first stop using your credit cards. You should also try and refrain from taking any additional debts.

Debt consolidation: the pros and cons

Posted by admin On Mar - 23 - 2017

Fortunately for those of us who can not manage the credit debt there are many options available. One of them is using debt consolidation services, this process has helped millions of people out of debt during this exhaustive financial crisis. The benefits of debt settlement are different from one of the options above. With debt settlement you may find you save up to half of what you currently owe, and the real balance that must, it has nothing to do with interest rates. Also you can reasonably expect to get out of debt in three years or less, which is far more than fifteen years running on the credit trap.

Saving a lot of efforts and money while getting out of debt is really useful, and when they are very nice benefits of debt consolidation also comes with its disadvantages.

3.01% APY Best Checking Account Offered by Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union

Posted by Jorja Marion On Mar - 23 - 2017

Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union is offering a high yield checking account that gains 3.01% APY for deposits of $25,000 and the rest of the funds above the $25K line earns 0.31% APY. You can enjoy these best interest rates as long as you meet the requirements of the reward checking account. You do not have to worry in case you do not meet the requirements for the cycle since you will still get 0.10% APY.

The account holder must meet the following requirements of this best reward checking account:

  • using the debit card 12 times to make purchases at point of sale
  • Make a direct deposit, set up automatic payments, or use the online bills payment system
  • Use online banking
  • Subscribe to electronic bank statements

Another perk of this checking account is that you will get unlimited refunds for incurred atm surcharges.

Important Tax Considerations When You’re Unemployed

Posted by Jesse Shand On Mar - 23 - 2017

When you’ve been unemployed, you need any financial relief you can get. Fortunately, some of that relief may come from Uncle Sam in the form of income taxes saved. Here’s how:

When you earn less, you pay less in taxes. When you’re working, you have withholding taken out of your pay as if you will earn at the same rate all year. However, if you are off work for any significant length of time, it can drastically change how much you owe. That’s because the last dollars you earn are taxed at the highest rates. If you