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Auto Loan Rates Deal of the Day: Hi-Land Credit Union at 2.99% APR

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jul - 27 - 2017

Its time to celebrate because youve just found a auto loan rate that is extremely competitive in the market. The rate is 2.99% APR and is offered from Hi-Land Credit Union.

Auto Loan Rate Terms and Conditions

If you have been searching for an auto loan rate thats low enough, youve found the right place. At Hi-Land Credit Union, borrowers can take advantage of this rate when obtaining loans for new and used cars from the model years 2010-2011. Loan terms can fall anywhere from 0-60 months. To obtain the loan, you must become a member. Membership is open to residents of Salt Lake City and family, employees of Cream O Weber, Dairy Farmers of America and Tri-City Medical.

About Hi-Land Credit Union

Hi-Land Credit Union opened in 1957 and has since expanded considerably.

Forex Weekly Snapshot – July 25, 2011

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jul - 27 - 2017

Greenback closed lower on Friday at 9,456 on strong risk appetite flows following the successful conclusion to Thursdays EU summit.‬
Debt ceiling debate still an issue‬
Advance U.S. 2Q GDP due Friday‬
Support at 9,637, resistance 9,500‬
We remain U.S. Dollar bearish in the week ahead.‬

Fridays close saw the Euro at 1.4357 against the U.S. Dollar after rallying over 400 points from its lows on Monday‬
German Unemployment Change, Consumer Price Index and Retail Sales reports focus for Euro traders this week‬
Expected positive result for U.S. debt ceiling negotiations likely to support Euro upside momentum. ‬

Presidential Address on Debt Ceiling, Possible Default Scheduled for Tonight

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jul - 26 - 2017

Source: Center for American Progress Action Fund

President Obama is scheduled to address the nation at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT) regarding the nations debt crisis. According to officials familiar with the speech, the President will address the current debt talk stalemate, urge compromise between the two parties and emphasize the importance of avoiding default and the best approach to cutting deficits.

According to anonymous sources, the Presidential address will also criticize House Republicans for their my way or the highway approach during the talks, and urge Americans to tell their elected officials that flexibility and compromise is needed.

Today, Democrats and Republicans unveiled wildly differing plans to rescue the nation from default, with seemingly little hope for compromise in the near future.

Is the CFPB already helping banks not borrowers?

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jul - 25 - 2017


This may not be the best strategy for a consumer agency, given that state rules are sometimes tougher than federal standards.

The Alternative Mortgage Transaction Parity Act (AMTPA) was passed in 1982 for a very strange reason: banks wanted the right to make adjustable-rate mortgages even when state rules said they couldnt.

Now the CFPB has come out with a new rule to beef up the AMTPA:

Some lenders are chartered or licensed by states, while others operate under federal charters.

Problems with Nintendo 3DS handhelds from Amazon?

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jul - 24 - 2017

Online retail giant Amazon has temporarily halted sales of the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming system, citing customer complaints that “there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item.” Although the portable Nintendo game system is still available through other retailers in Amazon’s Marketplace, Amazon itself has stopped selling the units directly.

Amazon’s product pages for the $250 Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system says the item is “under review. ” And although the retailer didn’t specify what the problem may be, several gaming and tech enthusiast websites speculate the issue may be tied to shorter rubber “feet” which do not adequately protect the 3DS’ dual screens from rubbing against each other when the hand-held system is closed.

Nintendo hasn’t issued any recalls or acknowledgment of any flaws in its Nintendo 3DS unit.