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Don’t fall short with your annuity – consider acting quickly

Posted by Levi Dynon On Sep - 27 - 2017

Millions of retirees could be affected, as European and US debt problems have a negative impact on annuity rates.

This means that if you’re approaching the time when you want to turn your penson pot into an annuity (an income for life) you should consider acting sooner rather than later.

It’s essential that you not only shop around for the best rate, but that you also find out if you qualify for an enhanced annuity, which can mean a bigger income. Min

1.51% APY Best money market rate with Registered Guard Federal Credit Union

Posted by Jesse Shand On Sep - 26 - 2017

Registered Guard Federal Credit Union provides attractive interest rates with their money market account. This money market deal is tiered and has the following current money market rate:

  • $5,000 to $24,999      1.26% APY
  • $25,000 and above     1.51% APY

You are required to deposit a minimum of $5,000 to open an account. You also need to maintain a balance of $5,000 or more to earn these best interest rates and to avoid penalty on your account. This money market account also allows you to make up to 3 transfers or withdrawals per statement cycle. Take note that the current money market rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Registered Guard Federal Credit Union membership is open to employees of The Register Guard Newspaper, and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. Empl

Tax Lawyer Convicted of Aiding and Abetting Tax Evasion

Posted by Levi Dynon On Sep - 25 - 2017

A “tax attorney’s” conviction for aiding and abetting tax evasion based on his provision of advice to the individual convicted of evading taxes and the Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS”) testimony that an underpayment of $737,436 resulted. (“Tax attorney” is in quotes since although the attorney in question gave advice about how to commit tax fraud I am not sure that makes him a tax attorney). The District Court sentenced the attorney to 30 months in prison and 3 years of supervised release. While this seems like a light sentence don’t forget that the tax attorney’s license to practice will most likely be revoked as a consequence of this conviction.

The tax attorney, Barry Jewell, suggested to his client, Carl Evans, a scheme by which a fictitious company agreed to fund the client’s litigation in exchange for 100% of amounts awarded over $250,000 as a result of the litigation.

Consumer Watchdog: Delusions of financial savvy linger

Posted by Jorja Marion On Sep - 24 - 2017

New Zealanders still rate themselves as being good with their finances, despite latest figures showing our credit cards are straining under an average of $1400 of expensive interest-bearing debt.

New Zealand MasterCard manager Albert Naffah said there was sometimes a significant difference between how sensible people thought they were and the reality of their spending habits.

“There is still a gap between those who understand the need to budget versus those who do so,” he said.

A MasterCard study of 626 customers indicated people rated their financial literacy highly.

Seventy-eight per cent of respondents believed they should keep three to six months of savings on hand in case of emergencies or unexpected events, such as job loss, and 88 per cent said it was never too early to have a financial plan.

But just 28 per cent had looked far enough into the future to plan for retirement.

“This means just under three-quarters of respondents could be entering their retirement years without adequate resources to fund their desired retirement lifestyles,” Naffah said.

Meanwhile, Mangere Budgeting Services Trust chief executive Darryl Evans said many people were struggling to see as far ahead as the next month and were paying for power and groceries with their credit cards.

“We live in this world where people think, ‘Bugger the consequences’,” Evans said.

“Everybody accepts credit these days, it’s an easy trap to get caught in.”

Evans said he had clients who had six-figure debt spread across different credit cards.

“They borrow off the MasterCard to pay the Visa, then they strip the Amex to fix the Diners.

What benefits you can get with Corporate And Commercial Banking

Posted by admin On Sep - 23 - 2017

Commercial BankingCorporate banking is generally reserved for companies and large businesses that require large amounts of cash to be treated in terms of making money, checks, bank loans or obtain articles of a company or company would need.

Commercial banking is generally for local businesses that are considered small businesses or companies that do not require large sums of money or will be making large loan payments or deposits.

In corporate banking, there are a number of disciplines and analysis of specific tools, the banker will use and who will benefit from a company on an ordinary bank dealing with small, personal banking needs.

From the perspective of a society, there are some risks they take to be successful.