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Penalties And Interest Paid To The IRS

Posted by Levi Dynon On Nov - 29 - 2017

The total penalty for the failure to file your income tax return and for failing to pay your taxes can be 47.5% (22.5% late filing, 25% late payment) of the tax owed. On top of penalties, there’s interest charges.

Interest charges for filing and paying taxes late

Interest is compounded daily and charged on any unpaid tax from the due date of the return (without regard to any extension of time to file) until the date of payment.

The interest rate is the federal short-term rate plus 3 percent. T

Encore Bank Locations

Posted by Jesse Shand On Nov - 28 - 2017

Search the list of all Encore Bank locations to get the latest updates on Encore Bank rates and bank products.  Encore Bank branch locations are listed with the complete bank branch address, bank branch phone number and Encore Bank branch hours of operation.  Encore Bank provides a wide range of retail and commercial banking that can be found by contacting the bank by phone, with Encore Bank online banking or through one of the 11 Encore Bank branch locations.

Encore Bank Customer Service:

Encore Bank Loan Servicing Phone Number:
(For questions about loan payments or statements)

Encore Bank Trust Services Phone Number:

Encore Bank Insurance Phone Number:

Encore Bank Wealth Management Phone Number:

Encore Bank Treasury Management Solutions Phone Number:

Encore Bank Champions Branch
5548 FM 1960 W
Houston, TX 77069
Encore Bank Phone Number:
Encore Bank Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to

Greenback Up on Euro Zone Debt Crisis

Posted by Jorja Marion On Nov - 24 - 2017

The US dollar gained on Wednesday as the single currency weakened in reaction to disappointing German bonds auction. Many analysts now fear that the debt crisis the affected the core of the euro zone region.

Director currency research, Kathy Lien from GFT Forex commented, “The German bond auctions were the straw that broke the euro’s back, German bonds are normally perceived as the safest investment in Europe, so if investors aren’t willing to buy German bonds, then Europe is really in trouble.”

The euro was also weakened over the news of Belgian newspaper about the failure of Franco-Belgian bailout plan for the lender Dexia SA. Economists were also concerned about France’s credit rating outlook in reaction to the news.

The euro fell to 1.3334 against the US dollar on Wednesday as compared to 1.3516 on Tuesday’s late trading hours. The dollar

Setting up a Corporate Credit Report

Posted by admin On Nov - 24 - 2017

It is simple for everybody, whether an industrialist or not, to get a corporate credit report. These files are measured public information, and a lot of businesses and also individuals obtain free credit report on companies prior to doing key business with them. The internet and the telephone are the means to obtain a corporate credit report. Prior to trying to acquire information on a corporation from the two chief report vendors, it is essential to make out a small piece of information about the history of the company. Frequently knowing the business name and its state of site is adequate enough to productively order a free credit report.

In order to get a business loan, or other sort of business credit, it is compulsory to have a corporate credit report.

China’s slow move to green banking

Posted by Jorja Marion On Nov - 22 - 2017


China’s government has made a lot of noise about green banking, but where does the nation really stand in its initiative to improve the environmental and social impact of the banking industry. The following report gives a man-on-the-street analysis of green banking in China:

The public is starting to show an interest in the financial ramifications companies face because of poor environmental standards and/or due to causing severe environmental degradation. For example, Zijin Mining Company was fined 30 million Yuan in May 2011 due to serious pollution caused in July 2010. Five senior executives, including Chen Jianhong, former vice-president of Zijin, were arrested. However, there are few voices questioning the financial institutions that provided loans to Zijin. Ba