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8 smart ways to spend a hefty windfall

Posted by Jorja Marion On May - 29 - 2018

Maybe that scratch-off lottery ticket pays off big, or that dusty vase in the attic turns out to be a collector’s item, or that stock you’ve been hoarding turns out to be worth a bundle.

Suddenly you’re sitting on a nice mid-five-figure gift that you weren’t expecting, and that’s after taxes.

Now what?

Facing this envious dilemma, you might want some savvy guidance. With that objective, asked several financial experts for their advice for managing a hefty windfall.

Isle of Man Space Industry praised in Report on the British Space Sector

Posted by Levi Dynon On May - 27 - 2018

The Isle of Man’s space industry was singled out for praise in a major report presented at the Institute of Directors (IoD) in London on Friday 18th May. The report entitled ‘Space: Britain’s New Infrastructure Frontier’ was presented to a sell out audience of over 100 key players from the British space industry.

The report, which is authored by Dan Lewis, Chief Executive of the Economic Policy Centre, Chief Executive of Future Energy Strategies and Energy Policy Adviser to the IoD, contains a full section on the Isle of Man space industry entitled ‘The Isle of Man’s Mighty Space Sector’. It highlights the Island’s ability to innovate, embracing new and growing industries – ‘Like many micro nations, the Isle Of Man has a history of quickly adapting to fast emerging industries – from fishing to banking to financial supervision to the film industry to e-gaming and e-commerce and now space’. It puts much of the Isl

Bank of America in Scottsdale

Posted by Jesse Shand On May - 24 - 2018

Find and review all Bank of America branch locations in Scottsdale.  Bank of America in Scottsdale locations are listed by city with the complete bank branch address, bank branch phone number and branch hours of operation.  Use the Bank of America contact information and branch locations to quickly compare the bank rates offered by Bank of America in Scottsdale or find the nearest branch for a local ATM or drive up teller or other related bank services.

Bank of America Scottsdale Branch Scottsdale Rd
4020 N. S

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ING DIRECT $50 Business Saving Account Bonus

Posted by Jorja Marion On May - 22 - 2018

ING DIRECT USA Business Savings Account. No fees, no service charges.There is currently a $50 bonus available for opening this account. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-ING-DIRECT to talk to a business representative. Be sure to use Reference Code BSA437 by May 31, 2012 to get your $50 bonus. Bonus is deposited at time of new account opening, and is available for withdrawal after 30 days. Bonus is available only for new Business Account Customers.

I decided to pass on this bonus since they wanted four different forms faxed to them to open the account. Im not sure why they make it much more difficult to open a business account than a personal account. If you are planning on opening an account anyway though it may be worth $50.

If you dont have a business or are not interested in opening a business account you might consider the Electric Orange checking account.

Tax change impacts on pensioners

Posted by Levi Dynon On May - 20 - 2018

Government changes to tax allowances for pensioners mean you could lose up to £322 off your annual income in retirement.*

So it’s more important than ever to make sure you get the most out of your pension savings.

 Our specialists offer a free annuity comparison service that allows you to shop around for the best deal.

 In some cases, this could boost the income you receive in retirement by up to 72%, based on certain health and lifestyle factors.

Call our annuity specialists today for a personalised quote – there’s no obligation, just a great opportunity for you to get more money!

*Figure based on someone due to turn 65 after 5th April 2013. Source:

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