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Uncertainty in Europe continues

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jun - 25 - 2018

Sterling is trading up nearly a quarter of a percent against the euro today while remaining lower against the USD. Expectations for further QE in the UK are continuing to undermine the pound and this is likely to remain the central theme going in to July and the next BoE announcement. I feel it’s a case of the “unknown” at the moment with investors wary of putting funds into the pound until QE actually takes place or in the unlikely event the BoE announce the end of QE. Policy member Miles commented over the weekend that a “substantial” amount of liquidity would be needed to reignite the UK economy.

The Euro is trading lower against the pound and USD this morning as debt concerns continue to plague the single currency with European leaders set to meet again to discuss the ongoing crisis. The Euro

Understanding Invoice Financing

Posted by Jorja Marion On Jun - 25 - 2018

The word finance can conjure up a lot of confused feelings among most people. They know that you are talking about money, which is important to them, but there are so many different terms that relate to finance that people tend to lock up a bit when they hear the word.mercial finance is a term that can make people feel even more ufortable although it doesn’t need to as the average person will never have to think about it.mercial finance is the practice of offering loans to businesses. It is usually offered by a bank or similar type of lender. Mostmercial banks will offermercial finance as one of their services. The loans involved withmercial finance are almost always secured by assets that are tied to the business itself. I

GBP/USD Outlook for the Week Ending June 15th

Posted by Jorja Marion On Jun - 20 - 2018

Major economic factors to affect the trading of the pair GBP/USD for the week ending June 15th, 2012 are as follows:

On Monday, United Kingdom came up with data on employment confidence. In United States, US Federal Reserve’s officials, Lockhart and Williams gave an address on US economy in Chicago and San Francisco respectively.

On Tuesday, United States came up with data on import price index, NFIB small business optimism and economic optimism. US monthly budget statement was also presented while the US Fed’s official Tarullo spoke on shadow banking in San Francisco. In United Kingdom, data on industrial production and manufacturing production was produced along with gross domestic product growth rate.

On Wednesday, In United States, several reports will be published including data on MBA mortgage applications, advance retail sales, producer price index and business inventories. The Energy Information Administration is also expected to report its inventories report on crude oil, gasoline and distillates.

On Thursday, In the United States, data on initial jobless claims, current account balance, continuing claims, consumer price index and natural gas supplies data by EIA will be published. On Friday, United States will come up with data on long term TIC flows, manufacturing data, capacity utilization, industrial production and confidence index by University of Michigan while in United Kingdom, data on trade balance will be published.

Infographic: Insurance Premiums Across Canada – who’s cashing in and who’s forking out?

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jun - 14 - 2018


Insurance rates across Canada are in part dependent on where exactly you live – right down to the postal code. While a Torontonian is likely to pay higher insurance premiums than if they lived in rural Ontario, the differences on a provincial scale are even more significant.

Insurance premiums are higher in Ontario than any other province in Canada, followed by Alberta, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. It’s no myth that your insurance is largely dependent on where you live- with a difference totaling more than $1000 in average premiums from Ontario to PEI.

No matter where you live, auto insurance is the law in Canada but there’s no reason to pay more for it than necessary. Here

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Circular 230 To Promote Ethical Practice By Los Angeles Tax Professionals

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jun - 10 - 2018

To improve ethical standards for tax professionals and to curb abusive tax avoidance transactions, the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department issued regulations amending Treasury Department Circular 230.

Overseeing enforcement of Circular 230 is the Office of Professional Responsibility. OPR is committed to:

Developing procedures that ensure timely case resolution.