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How to Save Money by Performing Yearly Home Maintenance

Posted by Levi Dynon On Sep - 30 - 2018

Author and philosopher of contemporary living Alexandra Stoddard once said, “What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows.” However, that also goes for all the things we don’t do, especially when it comes to home maintenance.

My husband and I learned this when an especially terrible spring windstorm knocked a piece of gutter loose on the front of our house. Although it still looked okay, instead of running into the downspout rain ran down the front of our house instead. By the time autumn arrived our basement developed a leak and adding insult to injury was the presence of mold and mildew. If on

Renting a House in Bristol

Posted by Jorja Marion On Sep - 29 - 2018

Bristol boasts one of the largest and most active local groups of Amnesty International, and the organisation points out that while the local housing situation might not be ideal, at least nobody has to worry about their house being demolished, as has happened 24,000 times in the Israeli-Occupied Palestinian Territories since 1967.

While house prices have increased slightly in parts of London, they have been stable in Bristol, and are expected to continue to be so for the next year. Renting rather than purchasing a house in Bristol could actually be cheaper. The median rent is £650 per month, and there are 1,776 houses to rent in Bristol.

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What Will Mortgage Refinancing Levels Be After QE3?

Posted by Jesse Shand On Sep - 26 - 2018

With the implementation of round three of quantitative easing official, interest rates have once again dropped to record lows, hitting 3.72% on the 30 year fixed in mid September 2012, the lowest rate in the 30 year history of the Mortgage Bankers Association survey.   Even prior to the announcement of QE III by the Fed the pace of home construction had increased in August, perhaps in anticipation of the policy initiative and an associated increase in home buyer interest.  Applications for refinances continued to outpace those for new home loans, however, with the former comprising 81% of all mortgage applications.   As QE III gains momentum, can we expect a return to the boom refinancing levels of recent years?  Not so fast.

There are a number of impediments that borrowers will have to overcome in order to refinance their home and it is unlikely that we will see a return to the volume of refinances seen in the early days of the Great Recession, despite efforts by both the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration to lower rates and widen access to the resultant cheaper loans.  Included amongst the obstacles facing both borrowers individually and the housing market as a whole, are the following:

  • Existent lenders are severely understaffed and overwhelmed by the paperwork associated with processing mortgage refinances.
  • There is less competition in the industry as hundred of lenders failed between 2006 and 2008, while others that survived either reduced their industry presence or exited the home lending business altogether.  This has reduced industry capacity to deal with prospective borrowers.
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Webster Bank Fees

Posted by Jesse Shand On Sep - 23 - 2018

Find the most current bank fees for Webster Bank checking accounts.  The list of Webster Bank fees covers the most common bank fees including ATM fees, overdraft fees, wire transfer fees, account closing fees and bank check fees.

Bank customers need to find out what bank fees will be charged at Webster Bank and other banks operating in the region to compare and find the best bank and best account that matches their needs.  Reviewing current bank fees along with account benefits and services will help consumers find the right account to meet their needs.

Current Webster Bank fees:

ATM transaction fee for non-Webster Bank ATMs is $2.00.
The $2.00 bank ATM fee applies to all checking accounts with the exception of the WebsterOne Relationship® Checking account and the Premier Checking account.

Webster Bank charges an inactivity account fee per month of $5.00.
The inactivity fee is imposed on accounts that are 6 months inactive and have less than a $250.00 balance.

The Webster Bank early account closing fee is $15.00. 
The fee is imposed on accounts closed within the first 90 days of opening.

The Webster Bank overdraft fee is $37.00.
An insufficient available funds fee may be imposed for items presented against insufficient funds, whether paid or returned, created by check, in-person withdrawal, ACH withdrawal or other electronic means.  Webster will not charge an account more than 7 overdraft fees in any one day. Ther

Euro Gains on Hopes of Bond Purchases by ECB

Posted by Jorja Marion On Sep - 23 - 2018

The euro gained against the US dollar on Wednesday as the gossip regarding the huge bond purchases by the European Central Bank created upbeat sentiments for the single currency. The euro gained to 1.2596 against the US dollar on Wednesday as compared to 1.2568 on Tuesday’s North American trading session. The pair EUR/USD touched the intraday high of 1.2624.