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EUR/USD Outlook for the Week Ending September 28th

Posted by Jorja Marion On Oct - 30 - 2018

Major factors to affect the trading of the EUR/USD for the week ending September 28th, 2012 are as under:

On Monday, September 24th, 2012, data on IFO business climate, expectations and current assessment was reported in Germany. United States came up with data on manufacturing activity while US Federal Reserve’s official Williams addressed at event at City Club of San Francisco.

On Tuesday, September 25th, 2012, data on Gfk consumer confidence survey was published in Germany while France reported its data on production outlook indicator, business confidence indicator and own company production outlook. In Italy data on consumer confidence and hourly wages was published while the Italy’s central bank auctioned its bonds to be matured in 2014, 2016 and 2021. Mor

Is the Bluebird Card a Game Changer?

Posted by Jesse Shand On Oct - 30 - 2018

In early October 2012 Walmart and American Express announced the launch of Bluebird a new, less expensive type of prepaid card that comes with a range of features similar to that of a traditional checking account.  The partnership of the two firms creates market opportunities for each while providing lower income consumer’s access to financial services they may not have been able to previously afford due to fees and minimum balance requirements.

Bluebird was designed as an alternative to debit and checking accounts with an eye on helping consumers better manage their everyday finances.  It provides advanced capabilities normally not associated with a prepaid card, such as mobile bill paying and allowing deposits via smartphone applications.   Additionally, this new entry into the prepaid card market comes with remarkably few fees, no minimum balance requirements, no charge for reloading the card, and no monthly, annual or overdraft charges.  With many consumers indicating they feel they are not getting value from traditional checking account and debit services due to the associated costs ($259 per year on average according to an independent study by Bretton Woods} this card will be appealing not just to the “underbanked” low income strata, but to anyone tired of overpaying for services that they can now get for free. 

By aligning with American Express, Walmart ensures its Bluebird carriers will have a wide range of opportunities to use the card, as it will be accepted everywhere Amex is.  With Bluebird’s functionality built upon the digital payment capabilities of the American Express’ Serve platform and Bluebird users receiving Purchase Protection, Roadside Assistance, Global Assist Services, fraud protection and 24/7 customer support, other prepaid card providers as well as banks that provide checking and debit accounts will have to scramble to adjust to a competitor that has changed the rules of the game.  No longer are people stuck with a limited number of options, all of which carry fees.  According to Anisha Sekar, vice president for credit and debit products at, “This is incredibly cheap. This is one of the

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Univest Bank and Trust CD Rates

Posted by Jesse Shand On Oct - 26 - 2018

The certificates of deposit at Univest Bank and Trust are available to save and manage money for short to long period of time to cover a range of financial needs.  Univest Bank and Trust pays competitive interest rates on all of the funds that are deposited for a fixed period of time to consumers that open a CD account with the bank.  The investments in the Univest Bank and Trust CDs allows account holder to maximize their rate of return available on bank held savings while benefiting from the security of FDIC insurance.

Along with the security of fixed maturities and security, the Univest Bank and Trust CDs are available with different terms to appeal to different savings needs.  At the present time, Univest Bank and Trust offers traditional fixed term and fixed interest rate CDs for investors that wan stability and earn a guaranteed interest rate.  The bank also offers flex rate CDs which offer CD interest rates that can vary monthly but are guaranteed to never go below the initial CD rate at time of opening. 

A third innovative variation of the bank CD is promoted by the bank as the 3D-CD.  This special term CD has a 3-year term with a guaranteed interest rate for each 12-month period.  The 3D-CD bank CD allows the account holder to withdraw all of the funds from the account during a 10-day redemption period at each 12-month anniversary.

Univest Bank and Trust products and services including the bank CDs are available in the market area served by the bank in Pennsylvania.  Univest Bank and Trust is headquartered in Souderton, Pennsylvania and operates 32 financial service centers in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Lehigh counties.

A sample of the current CD rates available at Univest Bank and Trust includes the following CD interest rates and terms:

The 90 day or three month CD rate is 0.05 percent.
A six month CD has an interest rate of 0.15 percent.
The one year CD rate is 0.35 percent.
A 15 month certificate has a rate at 0.40 percent.
The two year CD interest rate is 0.50 percent.
The three year CD rate is at 0.75 percent.
A four year bank CD has a yield at 1.00 percent.
The five year CD interest rate is 1.25 percent.

The 18 month flex term CD has an interest rate of 0.20 percent.

The 3D-CD has an overall rate of 0.53 percent.  The first year CD rate is 0.35 percent, the second year rate is at 0.50 percent and the third year rate is 0.75 percent.

Bank CD account customers can elect to have the interest earned on the accounts paid to them by check, added to their CD account, or deposited into another Univest Bank account.  Additional CD rates and terms are available from the bank.  The CD rates and Annual Percentage Yields and are accurate as of October 27, 2012 and are subject to change at any time.  A penalty may be applied for early withdrawal.  Withdrawal of interest may reduce earnings.

To obtain more account information and current CD rates from Univest Bank contact the bank customer service number at 877.723.5571.  To see a list of bank branches with the branch phone number and hours of operation see Univest Bank locations.  Finding the best CD rates in the area can be found by comparing the Univest Bank CD rates with a list of the top Pennsylvania CD rates.

Island’s Ship Registry hosts Lloyd’s of London event

Posted by Levi Dynon On Oct - 25 - 2018

The landmark Lloyd’s building at 1 Lime Street is one of the most iconic buildings in the City of London and the Old Library was a very impressive setting for the reception hosted by the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

London remains one of the world’s premier centres for shipping and ship finance and links between the City and the Isle of Man continue to be vitally important especially in terms of shipping business.

Alex Downie OBE MLC led the delegation to the reception which was supported by representatives from the Island’s private sector and he was able to illustrate the excellent public/private partnership which has always existed in his welcoming address.

Dick Welsh, the Ship Registry’s Director, gave a presentation to an audience of law firms, ship owners, ship managers, yacht brokers, financiers and insurers highlighting the advantages of registering under the Isle of Man flag which was very well received. In this

New EU legislation could have an impact on your annuity rate

Posted by Levi Dynon On Oct - 17 - 2018

Currently, men get higher annuity rates than women.

However, new legislation from the European Union has ruled that gender should not affect the annuity rate you’re offered.

This change is due to come into effect on or before 21st December 2012, but it is not currently known how this will impact the rates.

Depending on the outcome, we could witness rates dropping for men, increasing for women or both could be adjusted.

If you have any questions or want to receive a free, non-obligation annuity quote, call one of our annuity specialists today on Freephone 0800 975 5151 or visit our online annuity calculator.

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