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IRS Does 180 on Offers in Compromise! “Pennies on the Dollar.” Is it Back?

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jan - 28 - 2019

The IRS has completely revamped its offer in compromise guidelines to greatly increase the number of taxpayers who will be able to qualify. Our tax attorneys will be revisiting many of the offers in compromise that are pending, and we recommend that all tax lawyers, enrolled agents, and CPAs who have clients who have submitted unsuccessful offers in compromise in the past review their clients’ current financial condition to see if they will qualify under the new offer in compromise guidelines.

The new guidelines are announced in a news release by the IRS (IR-2012-53, May 21, 2012). More details are available in Attachment 1 to Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) 5.8.5 Financial Analysis. The changes are dramatic! And like all tax law changes they are complicated and loaded with ambiguities.

How to Get Started with Swagbucks

Posted by Jorja Marion On Jan - 25 - 2019

Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? Theyre a completely free, no strings attached site that rewards you for all of the things youre already doing online. Search, Watching Videos, Playing Games, Taking Surveys, Shopping and more as you do these activities, youll earn Swag Bucks, which are reward points that you can redeem for all sorts of gift cards in the Rewards Store. You can download their toolbar or download their OS and Android apps for more opportunities to earn. Choose the activities you like or have time for how much you earn is up to you!    Ive used Swagbucks for a couple of years and so far Ive earned hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards. Yo

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What’s better than payday?

Posted by admin On Jan - 23 - 2019

Wondering what could possibly sound and be better than “payday”? Its payday loans no credit check within 1 hour of course! It’s new, easy, and fast and apparently arrives before your actual payday does! But, all this depends on the purpose you’ll be using the money for, because obviously there is a particular kind of “catch” involved here. And that is not something unpleasant though it may seem so, because when there is no collateral asked for, it’s only natural that the rate of interest on payback is going to be higher than your usual loans. However, depending on your previous transactions, you could be entitled to certain offers or discounts of sorts.

The best thing about payday loans is that you can avail them at your convenience, especially during those unforeseen circumstances where you are expected to spend from your pocket. It is not an

Planning your finances after marriage

Posted by admin On Jan - 22 - 2019

Marriage is a time when there are a lot of changes happening in the family. Two people who were living separately and were taking care of their finances separately will now be living together and their financial needs have to be met. The money that was earned by the couple will now have to not only be used for their personal needs, but the money needs to be used for their combined needs too. There are some ways in which the couple will be able to save money when they are marked, but there are other factors that will cause them to spend extra money. So, planning the fiancés after marriage is very important.

1.00% APY Best money market rate with Acacia Federal Savings Bank

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 20 - 2019

Acacia Federal Savings Bank continues to provide attractive interest rates for their money market account. It is a tiered money market which has the following current interest rates:

  • 0.25% APY is earned for balances of $0 to $9,999
  • 0.50% APY is earned for balances of $10,000 to $24,999
  • 1.00% APY is earned for balances of $25,000 and above

You can take advantage of these best money market rates when you make an initial deposit of $1,000 to open an account.