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Amalgamated Bank: 1.25% APY 13-Month CD, 1.10% APY Money Market Account

Posted by Jesse Shand On Apr - 18 - 2017

Amalgamated Bank is offering promotional rates on a 13-Month CD and the Hard Working Money Market account that could attract customers away from popular banks.

Amalgamated Bank is a New York City-based institution operating 27 retail branches in New York, Nevada, New Jersey, California, and Washington, D.C. and holds $4.5 billion in assets.

Amalgamated Bank is currently advertising a 13-Month CD paying 1.25% APY and money market rate of 1.10% APY. With this promotion, Amalgamated Bank is offering competitive rates that can match those of popular online banks.

13-Month Certificate of Deposit: 1.25% APY

The 13-Month CD is a non-traditional CD term at Amalgamated Bank that, despite the extra month before maturity, stands toe-to-toe with the terms of the leading 12-month CD rates.


Bank CD Term APY Minimum opening deposit Early withdrawal penalty

Amalgamated Bank 13 months 1.25% $500 3 months of interest Ascencia 12 months 1.25% $500 91 days of interest Aurora Bank 12 months 1.24% $1,000 3 months of interest Ally Bank 12 months 1.23% $0 60 days of interest

The product that may pose some competition is Ally Bank’s 12-Month CD which has a shorter term, low minimum opening deposit, and smaller early withdrawal penalty in exchange for a slightly lower yield.

Hard Working Money Market Account: 1.10% APY

Amalgamated Bank’s Hard Working Money Market account normally offers tiered APYs depending on the account balance. But, the bank will lock in a high rate as an introductory promotion.


Bank Money Market Account APY (as of 4/21/11) Minimum opening deposit

Amalgamated Bank Hard Working Money Market 1.10% $1,000 Flagstar Direct Express Money Market 1.11% $1 Zions Bank Internet Money Market 1.01% $1,000

The 1.10% APY promotional rate for the Hard Working Money Market account is guaranteed on all balances until September 30, 2011. Afterwards, the accounts follows a tiered APY that ranges from 0.25% APY to 1.00% APY (as of 4/21/11). If interest rates do not rise by then, the Hard Working Money Market account could yield disappointing earnings. Meanwhile, the rates offered by the leading money market accounts will stay for the long term.

Normally, prospective customers can open an Amalgamated Bank account through the bank’s website. But, to take advantage of any of these promotional products, customers must visit a local Amalgamated Bank retail branch, which may pose an inconvenience for those who don’t reside near a retail location.

There is no expiration date for this promotion and can be withdrawn at any time.

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Amalgamated Bank

Amalgamated Bank, founded in 1923 by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, is a commercial bank chartered in New York with nationwide service.

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