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ANB Bank Routing Number

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 18 - 2019

The ANB Bank routing number is 107001232.  The routing number for ANB Bank is used all branch locations in Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas.  The bank operates over 30 branch locations in Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas that offer a number of consumer and business banking service that employ the bank routing number, or ABA number as it is also commonly referred to, for funds transfers and financial transactions.

The bank routing number for ANB Bank also appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as personal checks, identifying the financial institution for various credits and debits made in the banking system.  The routing number is used to facilitate check processing for ANB Bank and the electronic routing of funds that involve an ANB Bank account.

Bank customers that are not sure what the ANB Bank routing number is use for or how to properly use this number, should contact the banking institution for additional information.  Further information on the ANB Bank routing number can be obtained by calling the bank customer service number at 866-433-0282.

The bank routing number information presented is believed to be reliable, but may have changed since this publication date, the information is not guaranteed.  Contact the bank directly for the most update and accurate information regarding the routing number and the account services offered by the bank.

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