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CIT Bank Routing Number

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 9 - 2019

The CIT Bank routing number is 124084834.
CIT Bank is an FDIC insured institution that is based in Salt Lake City, UT and provides several bank savings products online throughout the nation.

A bank routing number or routing transit number is used by banks to determine the location of the bank for financial transactions.  The bank routing number is a unique number or code that identifies each individual bank and supports the validation and processing of financial transactions.  The bank routing number for CIT Bank identifies the banking institution and allows account holders or another individuals to transfer or request money from the institution.

The bank routing number is also referred to as the check routing number because it generally appears at the bottom of personal and business checks.  As an example, routing numbers provide banks with information regarding where to send checks for processing and payment.  In the case of banks without branches like CIT Bank, the bank routing number is used for transactions such as wire transfers, direct deposits, ACH transfers and online banking activities.

Knowing the CIT Bank routing number is necessary for most types of electronic banking transaction that involves the bank.

Verify the CIT Bank routing number and any transactions that use the bank routing number before completing a transaction, the bank customer service department at CIT Bank can be contacted at 855-462-2652.  CIT Bank customer service is handled at their Springfield, MO operations.  Consumer accounts at CIT Bank are FDIC insured up to the maximum allowable limit.

While this information is gathered from sources and processes deemed reliable, it is for informational purposes only and the information is not guaranteed.  Contact the bank directly for the most up to date and accurate bank programs and services.

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