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OneUnited Bank Routing Number

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jul - 1 - 2018

The OneUnited Bank routing number is 011001276.

The 9 digit routing number for OneUnited Bank applies to accounts held in all starts in which the bank operates.  The bank routing number listed the routing number for OneUnited Bank in California, the routing number for OneUnited Bank in Florida and the routing number for OneUnited Bank in Massachusetts.

The OneUnited Bank routing numbers is used when setting up direct deposits, electronic funds transfer and for account holders that may pay a bill with a check by phone.  Routing numbers allow for quick processing of funds transfers between banks and financial institutions and helps to identify the correct bank and account for electronic systems to withdrawn money and send money. 

OneUnited Bank offers traditional bank branch banking services as well as a variety of online banking services that may use the bank routing number.  OneUnited Bank customers that to establish a direct deposit of recurring payment into their checking or savings account or may want to fund an account with a onetime transfers electronically will need to provide the party sending the money with the current OneUnited Bank routing number, 011001276,  and the account holder’s account number

A routing number is always a nine-digit number and is assigned to each bank and other financial institutions such as credit unions in the U.S.  Routing numbers were established to identify specific banks. 

OneUnited Bank is the largest Black owned bank in the country, with offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami.  To obtain more information on OneUnited Bank services and the OneUnited Bank routing number call the customer service department of OneUnited Bank at 323-290-4848.

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