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1.00% APY Best money market rate with Citizens State Bank of Florida

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 26 - 2019

Citizens State Bank is pushing for their money market account which has a very competitive interest rates. This money market deal is tiered and it has the following current interest rates:

  • 0.50% APY can be earned on balances of $2,500 to $14,999.99
  • 1.00% APY can be earned on balances of $15,000 and above

You can take advantage of this best money market rates opening an account. It requires a minimum deposit of $100 to open, but you need to maintain an average daily balance of $2,500 or more to earn interest. As what is shown above, the higher your deposit is the higher interest rate you can earn.

The interest of this money in the bank deal is compounded daily and paid monthly.

Living Trusts: Financial Advantage or Fiduciary Nightmare? Four Things to Consider

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 20 - 2019

The main benefit of living trusts is the avoidance of probate.  Not only are probate records open to the public, an AARP survey finds it takes an average of 18 months to distribute an estate that must go through probate. Additionally, around 5% of the estate could be taken for probate administrative costs (including court fees). Living trusts help ensure a smooth transition of assets, since no court supervision is required. They don’t save you anything while you’re alive—they are often a bit more complicated to set up and cost more money to initiate—but they can save your beneficiaries countless headaches, days and months of waiting, and potentially a fair amount of money. 

Here’s how it works:

In a revocable living trust, you fund your trust with most or all of your assets. You can nam

Holcomb State Bank CD Rates

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 15 - 2019

Holcomb State Bank certificates of deposit are a safe way to store money and start a savings plan that can be used for short term goals on up to long term retirement planning.  The competitive interest rates offered the bank CDs ensure that the account holder’s money is working its hard.

The Holcomb State Bank certificates offer competitive CD rates with a variety of terms.  Each CD term has its own benefits.  Regardless of the term selected, the interest rate is guaranteed for the term of the deposit.  CD maturities are available in terms from 1 month to 5 years.  There is a $500.00 minimum deposit required to open a CD account and earn the disclosed Annual Percentage Yield (APY).
Interest is compounded semi-annually and the interest earned can be either compounded back into the CD or be paid to the account holder  monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually by direct deposit to a Holcomb State Bank checking or savings account.

The Annual Percentage Yields promoted by the bank assume the interest will remain on deposit in the account until maturity; any withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal of the principal from the accounts.  The CDs are set up with automatic renewal with 10 day grace period after maturity date.  Holcomb State Bank is an FDIC insured institution with all CD accounts covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per account holder.

The CD interest rates on the Holcomb State Bank CD accounts are based on market conditions that may change frequently.   The CD interest rates and annual percentage yields earned on the account are determined by the date the account is opened and the term selected.

More information on the bank CD rates and the account terms and conditions can be obtained by calling the Holcomb State Bank main branch at 815-393-4413.

Holcomb State Bank has four locations in North Central Illinois.  Along with a number of certificates of deposit options, the bank offers a broad range of deposit instruments and savings tools through four bank branches ion Holcomb, Rochelle, New Milford and Creston. 

The bank CD account information presented is believed to be reliable, but may have changed since this publication date, the information is not guaranteed.  Contact the bank directly for the most update and accurate information regarding the bank rates and account information.

Additional resources to help consumers find the best CD rates in the region are available at Illinois CD rates.

TD Canada Trust Unveils Enhanced Debit Card

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 5 - 2019


TD Canada Trust has unveiled a new debit card that offers perhaps the most comprehensive features you will find on the Canadian market. This debit card is the first of its kind, it will not only offer you the ability to access your bank account(s) but includes the benefits of Visa Debit, Interac Debit and Interac Flash.

You do not need to re-read that section, yes TD’s new debit card offers all 3 of those payment forms.

This will make life so much easier for people; the convenience included with TD’s new debit card is amazing. Whether you want to purchase a product over the phone, online, etc. you can do so with funds leaving straight from your bank account.

As I mentioned above, this new enhanced debit card will allow you to pay with money in virtually all possible outlets. The

Mortgage Rates Spike as Economy Heats Up; Will They Rise Higher?

Posted by Jesse Shand On Jan - 22 - 2019

Mortgage rates have spiked considerably over the past four weeks as a slew of positive economic data has hinted that the economy may be picking up steam. While Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke indicated on Wednesday that the Fed may eventually scale back its bond buying program, this is not the only impetus to the spike in interest rates. Mortgage rates had been rising considerably even before the Fed Chairman’s speech. The speech simply provided more evidence that the economy is mending and that the free money era of the last five years may be closer to ending than many expected or wanted.

The chart below shows that 30 year mortgage rates bottomed in December of 2012, while 15 year rates hit their low in February. 5