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Cut back on your vehicle insurance costs

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jul - 19 - 2016

It was recently reported that the cost of car insurance in the UK has soared recently, with industry groups claiming that there has been a 14 percent rise in vehicle insurance related cost in the second quarter of this year. These increases are something that most drivers can ill afford, particularly considering the financial strains that most people are under due to the difficult financial climate, the after-effects of the recession, and the high price of essentials such as petrol and food.

Of course, having insurance cover in place is a legal requirement for drivers, and no driver should be on the road without having some form of cover in place. However, it is important to remember that there are different levels of insurance cover to choose from, and you may find that the vehicle that you have does not require the more comprehensive and costly cover.

If you have an older car that is not worth much in terms of monetary value there is little point opting for the fully comprehensive cover, as this will work out more expensive and you will get very little back for your car in the event that it is written off in an accident because of its low value. On the other hand if you have a newer, higher value vehicle it is best to opt for comprehensive cover as otherwise you would be shelling out a fortune in the event that you had an accident that was your fault.

It is also important to remember that the excess levels that you choose will affect the cost of your cover. This is the amount that you have to pay from your own pocket in the event of a claim, and insurance firms tend to offer a number of choices. If you go for the lower excess then you will not pay as much yourself in the event of a claim, but with the higher excess you can take a risk and cut the cost of the cover.

Comparing deals is vital in order to reduce the cost of your vehicle insurance, and this is something that can be quickly and easily done these days using the various comparison websites available online. You will be surprised at how much you can save simply by comparing deals. In some cases you can even reduce your insurance costs by phoning your insurance company and stating that you are considering going elsewhere. The competition amongst insurers is stiff, and many will negotiate a discount in order to keep your custom.

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