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eBook Launch Link Time

Posted by Levi Dynon On Jun - 27 - 2017

In case you guys didn’t notice, I launched my very first premium manual on my other blog, Passive Income Now, 7 days ago. After taking two lifetimes by constantly stalling, I finally hired an amazing designer and launched it. Now that I’ve done it once it doesn’t seem so scary any more. I’m still working on something for Studenomics. Stay tuned!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of support that I received from my blogging peers. I’m honored to be apart of such a great community. I humbly asked for any support. I was honestly impressed by the amount of mentions on Twitter and links that I received. Thanks everyone!

The eBook launch (my guest posts received tons of comments, check them out):

Should You Buy or Rent a Home in Your 20s? @ Passive Income Now. The Hidden Cost of Home Ownership @ Frugal Dad. Rent or Buy: An Investment Strategy Gone Wrong @ PT Money. Real Estate Mistakes I Made And How To Avoid Them @ Yakezie.

The best of the rest:

How To Write an eBook in 9 Must Have Steps @ The Financial Blogger. Living Off Your Parents Post-Grad @ College Candy. How to make money with your blog @ Wealth Pilgrim. How To Go Without Cell Phones @ Debt Free Adventure. Dave Ramsey Comments On My Post About His New House, His Debt Philosophy And Giving @ BMM. Building Our Baby Fund @ Couple Money. How to Pay Estimated Quarterly Taxes @ Gen X Finance. Networking To Advance Your Career @ Boomer and Echo. Save Money on Vacation Plans with Frugal Staycation Ideas @ Free From Broke.

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