Adrian Grampians Profile

Dr. Adrian Miles is Senior Lecturer and currently the Program Director of the consilience Honours lab at RMIT, in Melbourne, Australia, and leader of the Documentary node of RMIT’s nonfictionLab. He does research on hypertext media, networked interactive video, and computational nonfiction, and undertakes theoretically inflected digital projects. Adrian’s research interests include interactive nonfiction, pedagogies for new media, and digital video poetics – with a Deleuzean cinematic inflection.

Completed BA in Music Industry at RMIT. Wish to continue my practical work this year as an original soundtrack composer, and also wish to critically analyse the relationship between moving pictures and sonic landscapes.

My aim is to combine and mesh the border line between video games, interactive art and fine art, as well as to explore other ways in assisting the player to interact with either an aesthetically pleasing or repugnant world. I want the player to be asking more questions, exploring motives and subliminal messaging, rather than answering these aspects in a literal illustrative composition, which is often considered cliché. These core ideas are my current research interests.

I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with a BA Communication (Media Arts and Production) in 2013, and moved to Melbourne this year. In my spare time I make music and am particularly insterested in lo-fi production techniques, as well as occasionally DJing. This year I hope to become more immersed in critical theory and continental philosophy, as I think it is an important lens to see the world through, and learning the discpline of research in order to apply these ideas to relevant contemporary concerns and in my field will be extremely rewarding!

I recently completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing with a focus on poetics. I like to research desire and lack in poetic language and in semiotics. I am particularly interested in how the female poetic speaker communicates desire through the position of the Other.


After completing my BA in Journalism in 2009 I was offered a spot in the Labsome Honours project and while I accepted the offer, I decided to take some time off to travel. Experiencing, learning and wondering at the sights of Europe, Africa and a little bit of Asia for seven months has greatly contributed to my world view, work ethic and general disposition. It also intensified my drive to complete my Honours program in 2011 and exceed my own goals and expectations.

I am interested in journalism, current affairs and news, philosophy, literature, popular culture, art, fashion and music and I hope to explore and expand on my knowledge in these fields and bring them together in my research project. After completing Honours I hope to make a career for myself in the journalism industry and be an avid reader and author for the rest of my life.\

Research: Public: Exploring Australian Women’s Magazines


My name is Andrea Fox. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) from RMIT University in 2009 and am now back at RMIT, completing my Honours year.

My undergraduate uni course gave me a vast amount of skills across broadcast media, journalism and public relations. But when you learn a bit of everything, you come away feeling like a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

Away from study, I’ve worked as a respite carer for people with disabilities for the last three years. My personal experience, as a sibling, and professional experience with all types of intellectual and physical disabilities has given me a completely different set of skills.

It’s my hope that I can combine my communication skills and work experience in my Honours year.

My research project aims to compare past representation of people with disabilities with the present, to see how far the media has come. Hopefully, my research will improve future media representations, community awareness and attitudes towards people with disabilities, and how people see themselves.

Research: Disability and the Press



Annalise Mastrangelo is an Honours student in Applied Communication at RMIT University, formerly having completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in media studies at Latrobe University in 2005. Annalise’s research interests include advertising, public relations and cultural studies, specifically the relationship between celebrities and advertising and its effects on consumers. Annalise’s goals for the future include working abroad in either advertising or public relations industries.

Research: Seeing Stars: The Relationship Between Celebrities and Advertising


I come from Adelaide, where I studied Media with a major in Journalism. I studied in the USA and Japan during my undergraduate degree, learning skills in radio production, research methods, marketing and writing for digital publication.

I’ve loved all of my work experience in Media, so I am hoping honours will provide me with clearer knowledge on what to pursue for my professional career.

LinkedIn profile.


Bethany completed a diploma in Media and Communication from RMIT in 2004. Her passion for media and the television industry encouraged Bethany to undertake further study, resulting in the completion of a Media degree in the school of Applied Communication at RMIT in 2007. Bethany majored in Television production and Asian media and Culture. She is extremely interested in the role of the Producer, the television production process as well as television programming throughout Asia, with a particular interest in game shows. Bethany hopes to do thorough research and put together a thesis that is informative, well written and insightful. Once completed, Bethany hopes her thesis will help her to be involved in Australian television and become a Producer in the industry.

Bethany enjoys spending time with her family and friends, drinking red wine, swimming, shopping, cooking and hosting dinner parties. Growing up overseas in Singapore and New Zealand, Bethany was able to meet a lot of interesting people and experience various cultures, customs and food!

Research: Media Masters

Brenton completed his Bachelor of Professional Communications in 2013, completing his major thesis on exploring the role of advancing internet penetration in Vietnam and how that enhanced the visibility of queer communities in the country.

After taking a year off to focus on his position as queer officer with RMIT student union, he has returned to complete honours in 2015. His interest remains in queer online spaces and how they act in new media environments.

This year Brenton hopes to take advantage of the experimentation that is encouraged in the lab, mainly to see how interfaces and the user experience effect engagement.

Caroline Downes

My professional interests lie in digital communication, how governments communicate to the masses (effectively or disastrously) and best practices in communicating to a ever more niche population. Normal interests include coffee (surprise I am a Melbourne girl), music, festivals, gigs (surpise normal youth based interest) and eating (blame the Home Ec teacher Mother).

This year I am hoping that I can explore something that piques my interests and makes slaving away at the keyboard worth it. Specifically I am looking at doing government based communication practices with social media or internal communication (depending on what is more interesting).

Research: Analysing characteristics of social media in cultural communication


Charlotte was born in Adelaide in 1982, but don’t hold that against her. After a brief but intense flirtation with the idea of marine biology, Charlotte realised that her true passion was filmmaking.

Charlotte has written and directed numerous short documentaries and fiction films, including Don’t Stand so Close to Me, which she made at 16 and was nominated for an ATOM Award, and The House of Names, which stars Samuel Johnson and Kim Gyngell and screened at the 2003 Melbourne Film Festival, the 2004 St Kilda Film Festival, Rhode Island Film Festival and Berlin Interfilm Festival, among others. In 2005 she made Two Minutes to Midnight, with Emma Lung, winning the Audience Award at Fitzroy Shorts.

With some funding from the AFC, in 2006 Charlotte was able to direct Ingrid Sits Holding a Knife, written by playwright Lally Katz. Along with her producing partner Chelsea they are working on their first feature film based on a novel by Nick Earls.

Charlotte’s other passion is politics, especially human rights. She works part-time at the Australian Drug Foundation as the Communications Officer, using her media and writing skills for good instead of evil.

Actors for Human Rights Awareness Campaign


Chelvendra – more fondly known as Arnie – to his own demise, suffers from an incurable passion for film. This passion encompasses all creative aspects of film making, particularly writing, directing and the musical content of film. Arnie Sathieaanandha

Although Arnie has stubbornly stayed clar of scriptwriting, his honours project will be a feature length script. The film explores ideas of religion, spirituality, justice, love and ultimately the idea of grace.

Arnie graduated frm RMIT in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), as well as completing many courses at the Australian Film and Television School in writing and directing.

Aside from film, Arnie has always maintained a love for music. After twelve years of classical vocal training, Arnie has jumped head first into creating an indie-style alternative album with a friend he met on a short film shoot in Melbourne.

His plans for the future include extensive travelling, and work in the American film industry.

Research: San: The Short Script


Claire Fiddian is a 2006 Communication Honours student at RMIT University in Melbourne. Originally from Canberra, Claire’s research interests include journalism, public broadcasting and the ABC.

Claire completed her Bachelor of Communication at the University of Canberra, and has volunteered in editing roles, online student newspapers and campus radio.

A Friend in Need


Hello! I’m Claudia, a graphic designer and all-around creative. My passions are in print, brand identity and editorials. Before Honours, I completed the Diploma of Graphic Design, followed by the Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT.

I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney -majoring in writing and cultural studies. Within my honours thesis I hope to explore theoretical questions within documentary filmmaking as well as the non-fiction genre in writing.


Danica graduated from RMIT University under the Bachelor of Communication Media in 2009. She is currently studying Media Honours to advance her skills in applied research and media production. Danica is passionate about creative content and new media. She is also committed to various opportunities for career and skills development as well as being part of a creative team.

Research: Moving Forward, Looking Back and Being In-Between


I have been fascinated by the world of entertainment since a very early age – music was always one of my greatest passions, movies nurtured my imagination and television quickly became a prime source of amusement.

It was later in my teens that I decided I would pursue a career in this exciting, fast-paced, competitive industry, initially setting my heart on journalism but eventually discovering my knack for filmmaking.

I graduated from the Media degree at RMIT in 2006, majoring in Cinema Studies and specialising in Film & Television Production. I spent the next year seeking avenues to apply my skills, freelancing as a producer on several corporate projects, working as a production assistant at 774 ABC Melbourne local radio, and volunteering within the community to broaden my experience.

Time off from study also gave me the chance immerse myself in music, a love that was somewhat neglected during the three years of my degree. I am grateful that I took the opportunity to grow as a musician; it was so rejuvenating to escape into my passion for song writing and performing again.

Throughout all of this, my interest in the art of storytelling blossomed, and I now look forward with greater optimism to ways in which I am able to use the power of the media, most especially film, television and music, to tell stories worth telling, to share my voice, my thoughts and to reach out to people.

So as I return to study to complete Honours in a Bachelor of Communication (Media), I am affirmed in my desires to work in the entertainment industry in one way or another. I hope to use this year to further develop and utilize my communication skills and produce something that will hopefully assist me in finding employment in the field.

Research: Docoscope


I was born in Canberra and moved to Melbourne in 2008 to study media at RMIT University. Initially commencing my studies with a view to entering a career in film production, I quickly learned that my most significant interest is in film theory, completing the Bachelor of Communication (Media) degree in 2010 with a major in cinema studies. In 2011 I commenced the Bachelor of Communication (Media) (Honours) program at RMIT, working on a thesis examining the representation of memory in film. My other major interests are partaking in the discourse to establish a consensus about what constitutes art in interactive gaming and investigating new social media forms.

Research: Broken Bodies and Time: An examination of formal and narrative deterritorialisation in the cinema

Last year I completed my undergrad in Journalism, majoring in politics. I have an interest in political reporting as well as long form written journalism, but I am really interested in the relationship between communication and politics, as well as historical and cultural trends and ideas that are expressed and explored in today’s digital media landscape. I’m also quite interested in contemporary popular feminism from a communication perspective, particularly how it is represented in new media and social networks.

This year I hope to explore this relationship in more detail, with a particular focus in historical ideas influencing modern political discourse. I’m keen on starting a PhD next year or the year after and am hoping Honours can be a starting point.


Emily cannot smell anything except citrus based fruit. Despite this short coming, she has managed to graduate from RMIT’s Bachelor of Communication (Media) program in 2008. Throughout the course Emily produced a radio piece that was aired on ABC Radio National and an interactive media project that was part of a European new media online exhibition. She is interested in questions surrounding social media, interactive media, and digital ownership.

Emily has been an intern at ABC Radio National’s social media web site, Pool. She has a blog that she has kept since 2006 where you can see her media projects, read her ravings and laugh at the blog entry about the day she discovered YouTube.

Research: Is that Smoker’s Cough? And Other Fun Filled Stories Bought to You by Your Favourite Social Networks

Erin graduated from RMIT in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing), majoring in screenwriting. Before returning to university, Erin had a not so lucrative career as an arts administrator for a film funding body. This experience gave her an appreciation for screenwriting craft and an interest in working with writers to edit and develop their fiction projects.

For her Honours year she plans to look at the adaptation process and trans-media storytelling from a screenwriting perspective. Erin takes an unhealthy interest in film, does her best work highly caffeinated and would write more fiction if real life wasn’t quite so interesting.
twitter: @erin_breth


Hannah is a graduate of the Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) program at RMIT in 2010. She finished the degree with a number of academic awards, and completed a double specialisation in journalism and public relations, along with a major in Asian media studies.

Hannah joined the RMIT honours program in 2011.

Her research interests relate to the production and consumption of media in Southeast Asia and its relationship to culture.

Research: Cultural Hybridism in Taiwanese Television Variety Shows

I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication), having majored in Journalism and Public Relations. I hope to spend the year discovering great stories and bringing them to a new audience. At the moment my career objective involves emulating Fran Drescher’s character in Spinal Tap, Bobbi Fleckman in every conceivable way.  Hopefully 2015 brings good cheese, an explosive improvement in my research skills and a new outlook on the world at large.


My name is Iz Sulaini and I hail from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2004, I entered one of my works into the 2004 Privacy Victoria Awards competition and won the Staff Prize and Third Prize awarded by the Victorian Privacy Commissioner. I have also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Advertising-Creative) with Distinction in 2005. I am now currently enrolled in the Labsome studio doing the Bachelor of Communication (Media) (Honours) at RMIT.

Through this Honours degree, I am doing a research thesis on intercultural communication and the role of a mediator agency mediating communications between English and non-English speaking businesses in the Asia Pacific Region. The results of my findings-survey-interviews-case study will be converted into a 10-minute DVD show reel, shot on HD, which will also be accompanied by a reflective exegesis. Aside from me wanting to be a creative in an advertising agency, this outcome will also be a great tool to help me ‘sell’ and ‘position’ myself to prospective employers in Melbourne and/or overseas after I graduate. This research project will also translate into my new business venture, and so there is benefit, not only to me, but also equally importantly for creative industry people to become aware, and in fact, potentially become clients when I enter into the marketplace sometime in the future (of course when I have substantial experience in the field).

Other than that, I am also an aspiring singer/ songwriter currently writing songs for my second demo. I have had experiences in stage theatre and musicals such as West End’s Miss Saigon and Les Miserables in the past. Traveling the world is a way for me to escape… me. I prefer to experience things first hand and form my own way of thinking on matters that interest me the most. I love people. I love creative people. Being around them makes me feel wonderful. I am friendly. Very friendly. I am happy to meet anybody boring or interesting, nerdy or bitchy, conservative or modern, pretentious people, serious ones, or hard-to-deal with types. I don’t really care, as I was once of all the things I just said who cares.

Research: BLINK: Tackling the communication flux within the Asia-Pacific region


I was born and brought up in Singapore, lived my 21years of teenage hood back there, coming to melbourne to pursue my Honours is definitely a wonderful and enriching experience and I hope to learn more.I completed my Bachelors of Communication at Singapore Institute of Management(SIM) in 2010. I enjoy hosting and organizing events, organized afew in Singapore.

I hope that the Honours year will go well for me and I will be able to pursue my dreams.

Research: Korean Pop Culture and New Masculinity in Singapore


A graduate of Bachelor of Communication (Media) at RMIT University in Melbourne, where she majored in Cinema Studies, Jasmine is passionate about film production and the fascinating world of digitized media. She has produced and written projects ranging from short film, both narrative and documentary, and audio pieces. A life-long love for writing has spurred Jasmine to explore new modes of storytelling in the age of digital media as her Honours project at RMIT in 2010.

Research: Life is Messy: An Exploration of Parallel Storytelling

I studied a BA in Music Industry, my main focus was Philosophy.
Right now i’m lost and confused with a topic, i love classic philosophy, but also enjoy the idea that i might get to study its role in our society today. Classic philosophical themes seemed to come from a different world in regard to societal norms and technology. I’d like to look at how it could still be used for our happiness today when its fighting our modern day malaise. I’m thinking of refining my interest into Buddhism and Meditation. I feel that may be one of the few philosophies that could cut through the incessant bombardment we face on a day to day basis. Be it social norms being reinforced through Television shows, billboards or magazines, we always have these ideas floating around that aren’t really our own, yet we are forced to digest them and sometimes even subconsciously.

Last year i deferred and preceding that i had this idea that i could somehow use Philosophy to overcome the often unweighted and generic claims to truth that mainstream advertising generate so frequently. I was interested in how we are manipulated (or tricked perhaps) by marketing agencies and i wanted to use classic philosophy to better equip the individual so that they make better decisions grounded in critical philosophical inquiry rather than mindless conformist style consuming. I feel perplexed by uncertainty of my topic, i just know i wanna keep studying in this area somehow!

I’m also a musician playing around Melbourne frequently, either in a duo or band, my own dynamic variety of Folk, Rock and Pop. Here’s the page for that!


When I was but a wee pod I realised what I wanted to do; either be an astronaut, own my own country, or complete the Bachelor of Communications (Media) degree at RMIT. Having achieved the latter in 2006, I figured the best part of my life was over, so I went and took a job at a TV company.

Here, I have learned many great things about post-production (my particular area of interest), and developed some good technical know-how, as well as a “can-do” attitude. The particular company I’ve been working for are very accommodating, staffed by a variety of very talented people. For me this meant an environment which was very conducive to ‘cutting my teeth’ as it were, in the professional industry.

Unfortunately as the year progressed I felt myself becoming like a decaying sponge, having absorbed a range of useful information but also the grit and grime that comes with pleasing the commercial television system. Also I kept spilling tea on myself. As I approached the point where I was about ready to keel over and combust with the weight of an industry which continuously panders to/operates within the axis of evil, I figured it might be time to return to study the potential for more diverse media practice. Otherwise, a top year.

During my honours year I hope to explore networked media literacy, with particular attention to the current use and possibilities of video in the New Media landscape.

Research: Mobile Networked Media

Jianni Tien

Jianni Tien

I studied a BA English Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London, finishing in 2013. I want to use this honours year to learn more about research methods, theory and critical thinking. Most of all I want to explore the field of electronic literature, where the areas of technology, new media studies, digital cultures and the traditional humanities meet and inform each other.
Research: Reading Machines

I studied film festival theories, new media technologies/strategies, cinema,philosophy, media and morality and the art of lucidity(maybe).

I want to problem solve contemporary advertising strategies by suggesting the disruption culture and the spectacle and thus fortifying the Anti-Ad strategy / or suggest progressive advertising strategies(maybe).

I would also like to be “drafted” into the UFC(i think i just like the idea of it.)

Jonathon Hutchinson

Jonathon is a 32 year old guy who has completed his Bachelor of Communication in Media. Luckily for him, he really likes communication, which works well as he is furthering his education in this area and has a passion for most things related to new media. His background is in television production, but in 2008 he switched to radio production to become an ‘all round media kind of guy’. this worked out well for him, as two of his pieces were broadcast on the ABC’s ‘The Night Air’ in late 2008. He also did a stint in South Korea studying cinema at Sang Myung University, which taught him how to order “two beers please” in most Korean establishments. He is a Cancer, which means he can be a bit moody, but generally loves to find out what people are all about.

Research: Into the UGC – A Study of the Interaction Between Broadcasters and Participatory Cultures


My name is Jung Moon and I graduated media at RMIT in 2006. I studied media studies in Korea for 4 years at university as well. I worked in KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) for 1 year as the first AD in documentary team I realized to study more about media in other country such as Australia. That’s why I came to Melbourne. After I graduated Bachelor of Applied communication (media) at RMIT I worked as a freelancer for several productions in Melbourne and Korea. I came back to RMIT to study again. I would like to learn and experience more about new media area. (Both in technology and contents developing)

I like photography so it is part of my life now. I always bring my camera to take photos and I prefer using film camera rather than digital camera. (It is funny because I would like to study about new media but I prefer using ‘analogue’ technology)
For this reason I have flickr account and flickr is my best social network among others.

For my honours course, the one thing I really hope is I can enjoy the risks from my research for the final project and ‘NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP’.

Research: Mobile Travel Guides

Having studied Journalism (majoring in Asian studies) for the past 3 years, Kai hopes to do more research into the intersection between politics, communications and governance, and how they affect the geopolitics of the Asian continent. Also a car enthusiast.


I completed my undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts (Media), at RMIT in 2006. My majors were Cinema Studies and Television Production. I see Honours as an opportunity for me to put the knowledge I have gained throughout my life and in my undergrad degree to use. I hope to achieve a portfolio that demonstrates my interests and abilities to future employers, but more importantly to myself. After uni I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so taking time to think seriously about this has been beneficial. I have always been attracted to writing. Many of the electives I choose to do during my degree were writing based, such as journalism, creative writing, and screenwriting – my self-created Major. For my Honours Project I want to create a Zine, and write every article in it. I want it to be the kind of Zine that I would want to read; filled with the kind of articles that I want to write. What makes my soul smile is teaching people through the power of words. I hope to continue to learn throughout my life, and share this knowledge with others where possible through my writing.

Research: Immersion Journalism

I’ve worked as a journalist, an editor, a barmaid, a cleaner, a camp cook and a waitress. I’ve edited Overland literary magazine and I’ve contributed features to The Age, The Australian, The Courier-Mail, Good Weekend, Art Monthly, Griffith Review and others. I’m interested in the ways science debates are played out in the media. I’d like to write a book-length piece of literary journalism on this topic.

Advocacy Journalism: Rethinking Bias, Balance and Neutrality


Kris hails from sunny Singapore, where he has completed his BA (Mass Communication) and lived for the past 16 years.

Being in Melbourne for the very first time, he is absolutely in love with the city and is looking forward to having a memorable year in Labsome. His research should be somewhere along the lines of intercultural studies and its portrayal in the media to a global audience.

In his spare time Kris listens to a lot of music, watches quite a number of movies, and does photography.

Research: Moving pictures: The translation of culture from Hong Kong Cinema to Hollywood


Kristin Stephensen is a 2006 Communication Honours student at RMIT University in Melbourne. She has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) at RMIT and a student exchange to Dublin City University in Ireland. Her majors include communications, film and television production and cinema studies. She intends to work in the Creative Industries, and as well as completing her honours year, is also on the Design and Social Context Portfolio Board, involved in broadcast, community television and short film production.

Research: Continuity Supervising: Old Practice, New Technology


My name is Kristofor Lawson and I am a 2010 Journalism honours student at RMIT. I have completed bachelor’s degrees in both journalism from the Queensland University of Technology (2009) and Interactive Entertainment (Animation) from QANTM College (2007). Both of my degrees have focused on telling stories effectively in ways which both engage and captivate an audience. I have had a deep interest since my early teens in quality storytelling. No amount of cool visual effects can make up for a bad story, and I wholeheartedly believe that a well told story is the key to making any production a success. My journalism work has been broadcast and published in various forms by several organisations including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Walkley Magazine, and QUT News. I have also previously worked as the web master for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation in Brisbane. My professional interests also include blogging about multimedia journalism through MediaFire ( and I am very active on Twitter (@kristoforlawson).

Research: Re-Inventing Journalism


My name is Lauren Clay. I am a student at RMIT and I am currently undergoing my Bachelor of Communications: Professional Communications (Honours).

I have always enjoyed my studies and related extra curricular activities. I intend on continuing to work with and within education institutions, perhaps one day as an Academic. I have been a student representative for the last two years, and have also previously worked in the event organisation team for the Communications Ball, 2005.

I am also currently working as a Policy Officer for External Relations and Strategic Coordination at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (a bit of a mouthful). My role at the Department has involved, speech writing, editing, briefing collaboration for the Secretary, event organisation and delegations of duties. Although this work may seem quite dry, I enjoy the shifting responsibilities and the unpredictable environment that I work within.

My personal interests include tennis, jogging, writing and drinking wine, particularly anything from the Marlborough region of New Zealand! I also love the outdoors and have a keen interest in astronomy, followed closely by reading about any fantastic scientific theory. Having said this, I should note that I have a strong background in philosophy, and have studied all of the philosophy courses that RMIT has to offer.

I enjoy socialising and yet can equally engage myself with great passion in my studies. I love my job, my studies, my friends, my family, and the idea that I have many exciting adventures ahead of me. Above all else, my ultimate goal in life is to be happy. I find immense enjoyment in helping others, and through constantly challenging myself.

Research: Passport to the World

Last year, Lauren completed a Bachelor of Communication (Media), majoring in Cinema Studies. As much as she enjoyed learning about how much of a weirdo Jean-Luc Godard is, she has since grown sleepy of fiction cinema and has now directed her focus towards the study and creation of documentary.

In her Honours year she hopes to combine this love of documentary with her interest in the ethnographic side of society, and determine the effect of manipulation tactics of the media on the behaviour of human cultures.

As an avid viewer of the reality tv series, Surivor, she obviously has too much time on her hands. It is her hope that Honours will change this.


I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) in 2006, majoring in TV Production and Cinema Studies. Prior to commencing my BA, I worked in Sydney, Canberra and London in the areas of business development and marketing. I’ve done work attachments at the National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra and the TV drama department at ABC Television, Melbourne. Both placements provided me with an invaluable insight into TV production and screen culture.

In 2008, I started Honours (part-time), while working as a Project coordinator/research assistant on ‘Protospace’, a rich media annotation tool that enables people to upload, annotate and comment on media objects via the Internet. This research project, funded by the Australasian CRC for Interaction Design, was based within the School of Applied Communication at RMIT University. I also honed my journalism skills by writing a few stories and produced a short film called “In Passing”, funded by the AFC (now Screen Australia), as part of Open Channel’s Raw Nerve 2008 short film program.

I’m interested in cinema, art, photography, architecture, travel, writing, music, identity, culture and social media. Ideally, I’d like to work for an independent production company, developing and realising drama, documentary and factual entertainment. Commissioning Editor at SBSi also sounds a pretty sweet job.

Research: Home Movies: Reel Time


Lydia was born in Singapore and has lived there most of her life till mid 2006 when she moved to Melbourne to finish a B.comm degree at RMIT University. She graduated from the School of Film and Media Studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) where her interests in journalism and photojournalism were sparked. Almost always armed with a camera, she enjoys easy walks down city streets, watching and observing people, things and events. “Being able to tell a story about a person or a way of life in a single image, that’s a thrill, a challenge and always a journey of great discovery”.

In her third year of her media degree at RMIT University she and a team of 3 others created an observational documentary called Russells Old Corner Shop ( This first foray into documentary directing made her discover the joys of documenting with the moving image. She hopes to work on more documentaries in the not too distant future.

Research: Sepet

Maddy finished her Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) in 2014 with an interest in Australian cinema and an uncanny knack to always be the loudest person in the room. In her honours year she plans to singlehandedly revitalise the interest in Australian films in Australia, maybe drop the country accent and be quiet sometimes.

In her spare time Maddy gets over excited about 70s cinema, boogying to outlaw country & pestering people on the street about how fantastic their shirts are.”

I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) in 2013. I spent most of 2014 making coffee, doing freelance design and learning about stuff. I love making fresh pasta and tasting coffees. I’m really interested in creative practices, start-ups and innovative business. This year I want to develop my skills further and learn as much as I can about creative start-ups. In 2016 and beyond, I hope to work and engage with business start-ups.

Last year I finished my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at RMIT. For my major project I wrote an experimental memoir. The ideas I touched on in this work still have profound interest to me, and I hope to expand on them during my Honours year. I want to use Honours as an opportunity to engage, learn and communicate new and exciting ideas with the group.

Melody Newell completed her Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) at RMIT University. In her final year she majored in nonfiction poetry and explored the ways poetry can interact with different artistic mediums. This year she hopes to expand on these ideas and push at current perceptions of poetics. She is particularly interested in space and gender and the connections between the two.

She is the founder and editor of Dear Everybody (IG: @deareverybodycollective), a creative collective facilitating collaboration and creative exchange between artists and writers.

Instagram: @deareverybodycollective


Michaela graduated from the Queensland University of Technology’s Bachelor of Business in 1998 where she majored in Communication and Advertising.

Since then she has worked across public and private sectors in a range of marketing communication fields. Michaela commenced Labsome Honours part time in 2006. She is researching the impacts of publicity on news – specifically commercial television news.

Post Labsome Michaela aspires to commence a PhD and continue professional work in the field of communication.

Research: Publicising the news: publicity and Australian commercial television news

I have previously studied a bachelor of media and communication majoring in journalism at Deakin University. This year I hope to uncover passions and interests that will lead my life in exciting directions where I will be able to impact positively on the wider community.

In 2014 I completed my Bachelor of Design (Games) where I began to develop my interest in the fields of educational games, narrative in games and gender representation in games.

During my honours year I hope to explore education games for young children and how they can be improved to keep children motivated in their own learning.


I am a Media graduate (hons) with RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I also hold in Diploma in Mass Communication from the School of Film and Media Studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore.

I am have been trained in graphic design, web design, film and TV production, as well as integrated marketing communications. I received the Madman Entertainment prize for cross platform content production from RMIT University in 2009. I have some experience in marketing communications having worked in a couple of media agencies in the past; job roles include corporate branding, concept development and copywriting.

I pride myself in being an ‘ideas’ person and believe that thinking creatively is an ongoing learning process. I am particularly passionate about branding, marketing, new media and all the processes involved with it, and would love for any opportunity to expand my knowledge. I take initiative, am extremely resourceful and am dedicated to learning about new and alternative methods of effectively communicating a message to an audience.

Research: Group120 Streetwise: Social Media and Community Making

Nico Leonard

Nico completed the Bachelor of Communication (Media) program at RMIT before continuing as an Honours student and graduating in 2008. Since graduating Nico has divided his time between working in an administrative position at RMIT and travelling throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

His honours project involved the creation of a folio of graphic novels, published online and in print, as an exploration of how online media has changed the comic book medium and how creators, publishers and audiences can take advantage of such developments.

In the short term Nico’s career objectives are to build his experience in publishing through working in the industry while continuing to develop his art and graphic novel folio. In the long term he plans to complete a program of Masters study in graphic design with a view to working in the comic book industry as an editor, writer and designer. Nico’s areas of expertise include: comic books, bookbinding, graphic design, storyboarding, scriptwriting and media production.

Research: Format Wars


Nicola is a professional communication’s graduate from the RMIT BA Communication 2007. She majored in Modern Asian Media and is now completing her honours. Nicola is a voracious reader, mad for most things fashion and an absolute francophile. She travels whenever she can, and thinks Vietnam and Hungary are seriously underrated on most people’s itineraries. Nicola’s most recently learnt skill is “how to drive a manual car.”

Research: Judging books by their covers: An examination of books as auratic objects in a digital era


While I initially decided to study media in 2005 because of my undying love for “Buffy” and “West Wing”, along the way I have ended up working as a producer’s assistant on a children’s drama series, a cinema projectionist and programmer, an teacher of film making classes for children, manager of a student community tv production house, a santa photographer, a captioner of television for the hearing impaired, and a freelance director, camera operator, floor manager, assistant director, editor and tape operator across several live community television programs, indigenous television and various outside broadcasts. While that’s kept me busy, I’m hoping honours will let me explore my initial interest in television drama series, which has been neglected more than I would have liked.

Research: Children’s Live Action Drama

Pritika (pronounced Pretty-Car) completed her Bachelor in Design (Games) at RMIT at the end of 2014. Since then she has decided to undertake the daunting task of completing her Honours in Media and Communication.

Throughout the year she hopes to achieve a better understanding of game character and narrative and the effect sexualisation has had on the art form over the years.

Outside of academics her interests include books, food (both eating and cooking) and creating an unhealthy amount of homemade soap, candles and jewelery. Oh and she enjoys referring to herself in the third person.


I graduated from the Bachelor of Communciation (Advertising – Creative) last year, 2008, and absolutely loved it. Love looking at great advertisements. I’m easily amazed by so many things so maybe not a very great critic for ads. My favourite advertisement is a tv commercial from Australia Post, I think it’s absolutely amazing!

One thing unique about me: born in Japan, grew up in Indonesia with a Chinese mother, so I have three different cultures in me.

In this honours program I want to build on my portfolio which hopefully will lead to me getting a job once I graduate.

Research: Cross Cultural Advertising – Human Rights


Born and bred in Malaysia, I was named Royce and my sister named Rose as my mother’s attempt at creativity, redefining the name Rolls Royce. I’ve been through two years of designing hell at the One Academy, but it did give me good designing skills and the ability to draw figures well. Since coming to Australia I’ve begun to understand what it means to be independent. In the last year and a half that I’ve been here I believe I grew into my own skin and expanded my horizons. I could write on and on, but like I learnt in philosophy class… Can words really define me?

Research: Social Network Advertising: Marketing Online Personas


I have a great passion for children’s media – film, television, and music.

I have been working towards a career in this area. I attended the Victorian College of the Arts Film and Television School, have a diploma in Social Sciences (Communications & Professional Writing) from Swinburne, completed a certificate III in Children’s Services at Swinburne TAFE, as well as numerous other courses and experience in television, voice over, radio and working with children.

In 2005, I completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies), majoring in radio at RMIT and was awarded the ‘John Barry award for Most Outstanding Student in Radio’.

Honours at Labsome is giving me the opportunity to apply myself both academically and creatively – through my research I am putting together a pitch for an Australia children’s television show for eight to ten year olds.

Research: Don’t Try This At Home


After having worked in visual communications for a number of years, I decided to enrol in the Bachelor of Communications (Advertising) at RMIT to better understand and become more involved in the strategic communications process. What I am most interested in looking at in this honours year is the impact of digital mobile technologies on human communications.

Research: Invisible Ties of Mobile Technology

I completed my undergrad in Games and Graphics Programming at RMIT and I would like my research to demystify the visuality of video game graphics, particularly how the notion of realism is constructed, both culturally and technologically.


Hallo! I’m an Irish/Malaysian TCK, currently living in Australia completing my tertiary education. I finished my bachelor degree in Media and Communications, majoring in film, at UNSW. After three years in Sydney I moved to Melbourne to make the most out of my temporary visa and explore what I’ve often heard referred to as Sydney’s younger, more attractive and much more popular sister.

My first true realisation of what I wanted to do in life was to be an ethnomusicologist. This would satisfy my love and anxious need for a constant change in environment, as well as encourage the habit I’ve acquired of running (and for a significant while on a failed project, skateboarding) around with a giant microphone and headphones. My more recent calling, after doing some freelance work, is to do sound design and effects editing for sci-fi animations. Having done my fair share of dialogue editing for various short films, crossing into fantasy Foley territory proved ridiculously more satisfying.

My aim for honours is to focus specifically on audio practice and perhaps figure out what directions I want my abilities to take me in. In my spare time I’ll take up aerial again and join a circus, become a professional foosball player, master circuit bending and continue looking after my tropical fish, one day adding a salt water tank full of seahorses, starfish and anemone to the family.

Research: Flanear and Soundscape Noise Machines


Sarah graduated from the RMIT advertising degree in 2008 and is now completing an honours year. She aspires to have a career in advertising, being a part of a campaign team, working on issues and products that directly effect generation y. Sarah is fascinated by the ‘over-night’ celebrity craze that has taken over television in past years. The way in which everyday people can become household names through advertising particularly interests her and hopes to be working with this in the future. Sarah is very interested in the digital and social media side of advertising as she thinks that this is going to be the way of the future when it comes to targeting future generations.

Research: GetUp!: A Digital Media Communication Strategy


After completion of her Bachelor of Communication in Media in 2006, Sarah continued to undertake a year of Honours in Labsome at RMIT University. Throughout her four years of Undergraduate study she developed a passion for Digital Media and the ways in which traditional broadcast media is changing and developing with the developments in technology.

Her Honours research allowed her to produce a radio documentary on Tap Dance in Melbourne and compare the format of traditional radio broadcast to new ways of distributing content using the affordances of the Internet.

Research: Let’s Do the Time Step Again


Sarah moved to Melbourne from a small country town in 2006 to begin her Professional Communication studies. After two years of living at a college, she moved to Fitzroy where she now resides with three friends. After completing a Professional Communication degree, Sarah has chosen to undertake an Honours course to help develop some direction for her future career, specialising in the public relations field.

Research: Industry expectations of public relations graduates’ social media capabilities

Scott Markworth is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) program at RMIT University, Melbourne, having completed his degree with distinction in 2005. Recipient of multiple academic awards, and professionally employed in the hospitality (night-life) industry for 5+ years, his research interests include Hong Kong Cinema, Digital Cinema, and Short Film Production.

Research: Lost Memories: Wong Kar-Wai’s “In the Mood For Love” and “2046”

Sienna Barton graduated from the BA in Creative Writing at RMIT in 2014, following a six year stint at a Catholic high school.

Her interests in writing include: literary theory and studies, memoir, and feminist philosophy.

This year she wants to apply philosophical theories to popular works of fiction. Susan Sontag once wrote: ‘The interpreter, without actually erasing or rewriting the text, is altering it.’ This is a big idea that Sienna is interested in.

Outside of academia, Sienna is interested in drawing and making collages inspired by Matisse. Her dog’s name is Scout.
twitter: @sienbarton


Born in Melbourne, I’ve managed to spend about a quarter of my life overseas, either traveling for tourism, or living in foreign countries as an extension to my parents’ work. I entered into the Bachelor of Communication (Media) program with a mind to work in the film industry, several years of study and an exchange program to Japan taught me that my interests primarily lie in research and writing. After graduating in 2010, I commenced the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) program at RMIT, with the intention of writing a thesis in the area of Japanese animated media.

My professional interests are firmly seated in the realm of academia, especially in the area of Asian media, religion and culture, and the intersects between those incredibly broad concepts. In a less professional context, my interests and hobbies include science fiction, board games, and reading up on pretty much any topic that catches my attention for more than a few minutes.

Research: Remember Madoka: Transgressing the Magical Girl


Stephanie Liew completed her undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at Melbourne University. She is currently doing her honours year at RMIT (2010). She is passionate about sport, table tennis in particular, and also online gaming which she uses as a mode of research in her honours degree. This honours degree will hopefully take her in the direction of events management in public relations.

Research: Knowlege Trails: Social Media in Support of Communities of Practice


Susie Anderson resides in Melbourne, Australia where she is undertaking honours in media at RMIT University. During her undergraduate degree in media she majored in philosophy and literature and specialised in radio. Her radio exploits have included Room with a View on Triple R in 2009, and from July to October in 2010, Flash in the Pan, a radio show about food, on SYN radio.

Throughout 2009 Susie undertook an administration internship for RMIT Union Arts, where she realised that life wouldn’t be very interesting unless it was creative too.

In 2010 she completed an editorial internship for ArtsHub Australia, finished her undergraduate degree in media and became part of the editorial committee for Voiceworks magazine. She hopes to combine arts, writing and radio into some sort of delicious mega career.

Research: Poetry Online

Tess Michalski

My name is Tess Michalski and I am studying for my Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) (Honours) at RMIT University, Melbourne. I completed my bachelor’s degree in public relations in 2006 majoring in Asian media. After working as a marketing and public relations officer in an Australian finance company in the first half of 2007, I moved to China to teach marketing and business studies at a University in Beijing. I loved the culture, food, people and history of China and am currently studying mandarin (Chinese language). To relax, I play netball, listen to music, run, read, write, spend far too much time (and money) in Starbucks, and go out with my friends. I’m interested in politics, new media, leaning from people with diverse life experiences, and Asian and Australian media systems.

Research: Curbing the Epidemic: A Study into the Promotion of Childhood Health

I graduated from the Bachelor of Communication (Media) in 2014, and through Honours, I hope to further my understanding of filmmaking and screen practice.


My name is Veronica Ridge. I have worked as a professional journalist for 30 years, mainly for metropolitan newspapers. Even so long after starting out as a cadet reporter at the Melbourne afternoon newspaper The Herald I still get a real thrill daily from my input in the publication of beautifully-crafted words and newsprint pages that live and breathe. However, I decided to return to study part-time three years ago to update my skills, particularly in the online area.

I am now a part-time Honours student at RMIT University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) with Distinction in 2005. I’m currently researching a thesis that will redefine the word Bohemian in Melbourne’s post-modern world of the 21st century. It will be accompanied by a reflective exegesis on the practice and tradition of literary journalism.

Research: Future of Food

Wei Wen Chung (Andrew)

Games, changes and fears – a wayward individual searching for a purpose… a job and a career. Born and raised in Singapore, Andrew is the third ‘A’ in my family, following Adeline and Adrian. Having had a passion for media and the arts from young, coming into honours at RMIT seems to be the fruition of all these years of studying. With hopes to eventually work in a lifestyle foreign publication, I do believe that this year will be instrumental for me. More than anything, I have realised that I enjoy listening and relating interesting stories to others – what is yours?

Research: An Exploration of Fashion Writing in an Australian Context


Inspired to pursue almost every occupation featured in a film during his early childhood – from astronaut, pilot, submariner to historian and genetic engineer – I eventually decided to tackle the very element that inspired me to such pursuits: cinema – the “illusion of light and sound.

Graduating from RMIT in 2008 with a Bachelor of Communication (Media), I’m now seeking out ways to exercise my creative mind as well as trying to figure out exactly what I’d like to be doing in the industry – hence Honours. I’d really love to work in Film, but anything to do with video/film would be awesome. Working overseas, particularly Asia, is another dream.

Other things: currently contemplating joining the gym, and.. allergic to moth balls.

Research: My Accented Lens: A Film Project Exploring Asian-Australian Filmmaking

I studied media communications at RMIT university, graduating at the end of 2014. I majored in cinema studies and I had a keen interest in gender and sexuality conventions within film and television. This year I would like to further explore where we are headed in terms of the portrayal of the sexes, male and female and whether or not they are changing for the better. I’d like to explore the use of experimental film within this research topic as well.