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China’s slow move to green banking

Posted by Jorja Marion On Nov - 22 - 2017


China’s government has made a lot of noise about green banking, but where does the nation really stand in its initiative to improve the environmental and social impact of the banking industry. The following report gives a man-on-the-street analysis of green banking in China:

The public is starting to show an interest in the financial ramifications companies face because of poor environmental standards and/or due to causing severe environmental degradation. For example, Zijin Mining Company was fined 30 million Yuan in May 2011 due to serious pollution caused in July 2010. Five senior executives, including Chen Jianhong, former vice-president of Zijin, were arrested. However, there are few voices questioning the financial institutions that provided loans to Zijin. Ba

Zions Bank Online Banking June 2011

Posted by Jorja Marion On Jun - 21 - 2017

Online banking has simplified life in more ways than we have imagined. It is possible to perform banking transaction from the comfort of one’s home and all that is needed is a computer and Internet connection. It is almost like having a branch at your doorstep all through the day and night where you can do any transaction. Most banks today understand the importance of this feature and they provide it to all their customers. One such bank is Zions Bank that optimally uses technology to bring a good banking experience to its customers.

With Zions Bank Internet banking, you can access all your account information in a safe and convenient way. Any information pertaining to any of the accounts at Zions Bank can be retrieved at the click of a mouse. T

Umpqua Bank Online Banking

Posted by Jorja Marion On Apr - 13 - 2017

Online Banking, considered as the lifeline of banking in this fast-paced world, enables a person to know more about his or her money, check balances, pay bills and much more. By this way you have a better control over your money and transactions. Let’s take a quick review about Umpqua Bank online banking.

With the Umpqua Bank internet banking you can view your savings and checking account and also check the images of checks. Transfer of funds within Umpqua Bank and also transfer of funds to the Umpqua Bank loan account are all possible through online banking. You can download financial statements for your present as well as past transactions. Umpqua Bank electronic banking enables customers to make payments of their bills online any time, anywhere. <