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How to acquire new spending habits after bankruptcy

Posted by admin On Jul - 19 - 2017

bankruptcyAs a result of bankruptcy your lifestyle can go two ways. Bankruptcy is good for some people, giving them a new start financially. On the other hand, for some, bankruptcy is detrimental because they can not get a good interest rate for a house or a great buy. It is important to consider all the ramifications and options before making a choice to declare bankruptcy at the end.

People with debt problems, for two main reasons such as poor eating habits as well as losing control of their credit cards and consumer debts.

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CIT Group files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

Posted by admin On Oct - 30 - 2015

Well it officially happened on Sunday – CIT Group filed for chapter 11 in New York’s bankruptcy court in an apparent attempt to restructure it’s debt. CIT was pretty much forced into proceeding with the filing after a debt-exchange offer to bondholders failed. Along with the Leham Brothers, Washington Mutual and GM Motors this is one of the largest bankruptcy filings in US history. According to a recent Dallas News article, CIT’s bankruptcy filing shows $71 billion in finance and leasing assets against total debt of $64.9 billion.

However, while the image (above) may suggest otherwise, CIT group isn’t quite dead yet. A recen