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S-Bank’s Grand Opening 9 month CD special – Locals Only

Posted by admin On Feb - 6 - 2016

S-Bank, based out of Massachusetts, is offering a phenomenal 9 month CD rate of 2.33% APY to their local customers. To put this offer in perspective the national average for 6 month CDs sits at 0.90% APY and the national average for 12 month CDs is around 1.30% APY.

Many thanks to BankVibe reader Mark for sending us this offer!

Although S-Bank is calling this a “grand opening special offer” it’s available at all of their local branches (not just the new one). This product is not being shown on their website, you must stop by one of their local branches in Weymouth, Quincy or Bridgewater to take advantage of it. You can view the ad online here.

As a side note S-Bank also has some very competitive rates associated with their money market accounts. Curre

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