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Free Dell Inspiron or Flip Ultra Camcorder From HSBC Premier

Posted by Jesse Shand On Aug - 8 - 2016

If you’re in the market for a new bank and could use a new gadget, a Premier Relationship with HSBC Bank could be an appealing option. The bank is offering with its high-level financial services package a choice of either a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 laptop computer or a Flip UltraHD camcorder. Qualifying for the offer is very simple: You just need to sign up for HSBC’s Premier service and maintain a minimum amount of money in combined personal deposits and investment balances.

  • To redeem either 30,000 HSBC Points or the Dell Inspiron computer, you need to maintain a $100,000 balance
  • To qualify for 20,000 HSBC Points or the Flip UltraHD camera, you need to have a $50,000 balance

The money used to meet the minimum balance requirement must either be in a new account opened before September 3 or, for existing members, must have been added to the account between July 9 and September 3.

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About HSBC Premier

A HSBC Premier Relationship with HSBC Bank is a package of financial services provided by the bank. To

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